Firefox + Java = Disaster

My firefox crashed twice today. That all was caused by this page‘s Java application (and I don’t know what it is for since I don’t see anything complex that needs Java).

Reasons I hate Java (in Firefox):

  • Sometimes crashes the browser (sometimes happens with Flash, too, but less often than Java)
  • Can’t be UNLOADED. I mean, the freakin Java icon stays on the systray even though the page that has Java has closed! The only way to remove that freakin icon is to exit Firefox (sometimes need to kill via Task Manager)
  • Eats my bandwidth (Flash is worse though, most times)
  • Ugly.  99% of times it uses totally-not-matching theme with the rest of system, and ugly to boot

And I also just noticed that I can’t find option to use “No Style” on Internet Explorer (7) and Apple Safari (3 Beta). Weak.

Any sites that use WHITE text on BLACK background MUST be stabbed. 👿

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