On Language

For most of electronic appliances and software, I just can use properly it if it’s not in English. Especially Indonesian interfaces (and  manuals) – I usually change the language to (or use) English or translate the terms to English to be able to properly understand what it mean. Mind you – Indonesian is my native language.

It’s mostly thanks to the fact that ever since the first time I ever use an electronic appliances, they’re all in English. It’s just recently (by recently I actually mean 10 years or something) that Indonesian started to be available in them. And as the effect, I understand the English terms better than the Indonesian counterpart.

How about you? Do you prefer to use English instead of your native language for anything?

2 thoughts on “On Language

  1. It’s similar, I use English wherever possible for tech stuff. Tech terms in my native language are questionable at best, they’re unclear, long words that are sometimes poor translations from English or other languages.
    I never use localized software, mostly because I couldn’t find anything in the menus and it usually hurts my eyes to read native terms.

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