Tapestry – Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 Jeanne d’Arc

Illustrated by xyomouse. I ordered it from Booth because it’s cheaper than the one in Melonbooks. Interestingly it arrived earlier. It was shipped direct from China. Not sure how they keep the shipping cost low and they aren’t even using ePacket.

The nipples are a bit bigger than I initially thought lol. Otherwise it’s pretty nice, including the semi translucent jacket she’s wearing (?). And then there’s the tiny line peeking out.

As the other tapestry, it’s satin material. This feels a bit more shiny that the other but that might be just me.

Tapestry – Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 Okita Souji

The tapestries I mentioned here finally arrived. Suruga-ya sure took their time.

Anyway, this is tapestry of FGO Okita Souji (summer) from circle Kuwai-ya, illustrated by xyomouse.

I like this rendition better than the one by konomi. Mainly because this one doesn’t feel as big.

As for the material, it’s way less shiny compared to the one I got from Melonbooks a long time ago. If anything, it’s closer to Nostalgia tapestries. Not as good as double suede but this will do.

It can use a bit more resolution though. It’s not visibly bad but not great either. There are some almost visible jagged lines as well.

So in the end I ended up buying (pre-ordering?) the Jeanne tapestry as well.