Drama CD – Yosuga no sora – Messe sanoh

Uh, yeah, this is a thing. Spotted this on Suruga-ya and grabbed it right away. I think that was the second time I saw it there. First time I took my time figuring out what else to buy and then someone else bought it ahead.

Haven’t checked the content yet but probably just normal daily life voice drama.

The store name isn’t familiar to me but they got merged with trader a year before I even arrived here.

Weekly Finance Vol. 3

Probably should’ve wrote this yesterday.


Sold quite a lot of stuff last week though with loss of almost 60%. Looking at the number alone, it’s not too bad overall.

I don’t think I’ll put up anything new this week as I’m still too lazy.


I still need to pre-order Torikago from Getchu. And the C97 though I’m not sure what I’m getting for it. Tapestry from Kanekiyo Miwa turned to be not too interesting for me and nothing else really stand out. I’ll probably still get the artbooks but I’m not sure about the rest.


Thanks to the auction thingy, I have plenty to waste. Or save.

E☆2 Artists Calendar 2020

As 2020 is closing by, calendars are also being sold here and there and of course there’s the series by E-2.

New this (next?) year is the extra tapestry is double suede material. That changes things. Or not. I don’t know yet, kind of want to see what they are first. Also I don’t exactly need more calendars at the moment. Not to mention a rather expensive one.

Moeoh C97 (mini) artbooks

The pre-order is over but it should be easily available sometime after the event.

As usual it’s more Kodomo and Otona series. They both aren’t rated R-18 so usual caveats apply. Oh and the images in the linked tweet aren’t the actual covers (also as usual).

Now I wrote it it’s already a twice-a-year thing with more or less same pattern every time. Including the barely-announced pre-order.