Digest vol. 241: Tapestries and stuff

Low effort post written as I really need to sleep ASAP so I’m not dead later today.


A lot of new tapestries. Yay? Still no space though.

New stuff

Eroge playthrough

Nothing much! I think I’m at 20%-ish of Cafe Stella’s Nozomi route at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Blendream candy collection – Shiratama

I thought Blendream is the company selling moe rice but apparently they sell other stuff now as well? Or maybe they’ve been doing this forever and I only knew the rice part until now.

But anyway, various stuff including that nice tapestry above will be up for pre-order later today. It’s double suede, even.

Though if I want some lewd Shiratama stuff I’d just grab Cabbage Soft’s Amairo Chocolata. They’re double suede as well, even. And actually lewd instead of just cute lewd.

Dengeki Moeoh B1 tapestries

Not sure what the occasion is but Moeoh has started pre-order for re-release of their previous tapestries except B1 size.

I don’t think I’ve got any B1 tapestries from them but if it’s anything like their B2, I’d rather avoid it. And it’s a bit expensive for an experiment as well at 8.8k.

Also I don’t see anything I particularly want either. The one above is the closest one but she’s a bit too big.

Weekly Finance vol. 13


Sold another single item. This time at a small profit.

Still haven’t put up anything new. I really should.


The result is in and I’m getting 32k. I haven’t calculated it properly but I think I bought them for at least 100k which means it’s at at least 68% loss. Yay 😐

Not really unexpected. I hoped it’d go for at least 50k though.

Wasting money

On 10 GbE card, I think I’ll wait and try using current network and see how it performs with NFS. I also found cheap (and rather reliable) cards on ebay so that’s always an option.

This month is ending soon, and I’m still projecting good amount of savings until then.

Not sure about February yet though. And the digital artbooks I mentioned last week.

Doujinshi – Ichigo Size C97

I didn’t expect this one to be A4 sized. And I didn’t expect it to be full color either. And heck, it’s not even manga. I probably should’ve read the description before buying stuff.

But anyway, the style is similar to Essentia book where you have a normal art page and then followed by some cuts of H-scenes. Nice surprise yuri action at the end.

The main problem is I don’t play the game at all…

Melonbooks eroge event (?)

Info page.

I think they did another similar one ages ago and this is their latest one?

Just like the previous one, they’ve got a bunch of new tapestries.

Out of them all Kinkoi is the only one I’m following but I’m not so sure about that one. I can’t quite stand horns so it may be a pass. It doesn’t help her boobs seem a bit bigger in this specific pose.

Digest vol. 240: What

Initially going to subtitle this “What news” but then I noticed there’s nothing else either for this week. Amazing.


New stuff

Nothing! Well maybe one new ethernet card (see below). There are two new doujinshi coming up later today but in mean time there’s nothing.

Eroge playthrough

Passed through common route and now on Nozomi. Yay.

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Weekly Finance vol. 12


One small bid with a bit of loss. On the brighter side someone bid on a rather expensive stuff.

I probably should put up some more stuff this week.


Sent a bunch of books. Bye 😢

I hope they buy the books for good money. Something like 50k would be nice though I think the original purchase price for them was over 100k.

Will need to send more, as I haven’t sorted out B5 doujinshi at all. And there are some A4 left over from previous one thanks to overweight.


I’m currently in danger of buying two 10 GbE cards. Otherwise I should be fine-ish for this month.

Upcoming stuff for next month and later includes pieces sequel, Argonauts new title (maybe), Torikago purchases, 9-yukiiro purchases, Hajikano purchase, and Kinkoi PS4.

I wonder if I’ll ever get enough extra budget to buy a bunch of digital artbooks…

Digest vol. 239: Even more stuff


New stuff

Eroge playthrough

Uh, nothing. Barely progressed through common route of Cafe Stella. I hope I can get into a route today. Or this weekend.

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Tapestry (B1) – A.M.R Okita Souji

My first B1 tapestry by Ikegami Akane! Yay. It’s Okita! Black pantyhose (I assume)! Skirt lift! Nice.

Now I need to figure out where to put this up. …and I learned my other wall which currently fit three B2 can be rearranged to fit one B1 and two B2 instead.

As for print quality, it’s similar to the previous one. Include one slight defect of black dot somewhere. I probably should’ve bought two or something.

Now I think about it, the material feels like Melonbooks Uribou double suede tapestries.

Hooded Blanket – A.M.R Lambda Lilith

Finally arrived after the pre-order last month. Also as mentioned, it’s a bit unfortunate only her upper half is visible. Also it’s a bit small for my usual use. It’s got hood though which might be useful? It is probably useful. Otherwise it’s usual blanket deal with fluffy material.

I recently learned the hard way that not all blankets are created equal ,_,

Eroge – Aikano

Uh, yeah, adding more stuff to my backlog is exactly what I need. Found this for cheap-ish in Amazon and I kinda like the illustrator so I figured I should maybe try this.

It’s the limited edition which includes dakimakura cover. At barely over 4k it’s not too bad, I guess?

For some reason Suruga-Ya is selling it for way more despite being second-hand item. The one I got from Amazon is new. It’s gotten a bit more expensive now though at almost 6k.

Weekly Finance vol. 11


Another surprise with one bid. This time I netted a small profit.

Still haven’t put up anything else yet. Maybe sometime next week. Most likely not this week.


A small update finally. Sorted out A4-sized books and doujinshi and ended up with over 25 kg of books to be sold. The shipping method used only allows up to 25 kg though so I’ll be selling some of the books a bit later, maybe together with B5 doujinshi and other random craps.

I hope they sell for something. I think some of the doujinshi are rather rare so hopefully they buy it for good money.

I need to figure out the documents I need to prepare first though as I think I need to redo some of them after having address change.


As I mentioned last week, I did a bunch of pre-orders. I don’t think I have any spare left for this month. Pieces sequel is coming up but it’ll probably be for February or later pre-orders. Other than that, there’s nothing else for this month. I hope.

Doujin – QP:flapper C97

Found it for cheap (with coupon) in PayPay Flea Market so I figured why not. The book is just manga. I was half expecting some illustrations as well but it’s just manga. A bunch of short ones. Pretty standard stuff.

As for the calendar, it’s another small-ish desk calendar. It looks like I now have a desk calendar at home. The illustrations seem to be part original, part anime/game (FGO)? It labels each holidays with the holiday name which is nice as I don’t usually see it in such calendars.

I sure wish they sell their books in stores…