Digest Vol. 232: RIP schedule


Some new tapestries and pillow covers. And unexpected doujin from Tsunako.

New stuff

Two new stuff! Another one coming soon. There will be another batch coming around end of next month.

Eroge playthrough

Barely progressed through Hinagiku route. Got a bit busy these last few days.

Non-eroge stuff

As usual. Or maybe a bit more grinding.

Daily life

Seems fine-ish.

Weekly Finance Vol. 4

I thought I’m behind the schedule but I’m not. Oh well.


Sold 6 stuff last weekend on auction for a bit over 50% loss. A bit better than last week but it’s quite a lot fewer in total number.

I probably should put up more stuff soon-ish.


Pre-ordered Torikago from Getchu which I believe should be all my eroge purchases for this year. There’s nothing else for next year yet.

I also pre-ordered Melonbooks C97 catalog. I ended up skipping the artbooks because the lineup doesn’t seem too interesting. I did get a rurudo B1 tapestry as I was a bit curious. And maybe sell for profit if I end up not liking it much.


Still quite a lot of extras even after spending 10k for FGO sq (and got nothing) and unrelated daily supplies. I don’t think there will be any other major purchases for this month, so, yay? Especially if I ever get around putting up more stuff for auction.

Oh, maybe I’ll get the K-Ko original pillow cover (EX version) depending how my spare budget looks like at the end of month.