Digest Vol. 191: Backlogs

In a very smart move, I’ll adding a bunch of new stuff for my backlog. Yay.

Various random news and not news. Two tapestries, some progress on eroge but not on not-eroge. A confusing financial situation as well. I need to update my book to fix it.


Non-news links

New stuff

Yet another tapestry from I’L magazine. Quite cute by Natsume Eri.

Questionable print quality. They were never quite good to begin with but looks like the black pantyhose is a bit too much for them. Also there’s a slight defect at bottom right which is almost fixable with enough effort.

Also the shipment package was in hard paper tube with plastic caps on both sides. Or more like one side with the other side wide open. It’s most likely because they didn’t stuff it so the tapestry inside is free to hit the caps and finally took one out. Thankfully nothing of valuable was lost apart of the cap itself.

And lastly tapestry illustrated by Toranosuke from Melonbooks 2018 Winter point event thingy. It’s pretty difficult to obtain in sense it requires buying craps for enough points and even then it might be sold out when enough point is obtained.

Thighhighs! Butts! Panties! Great combinations. I like her expressions and also the nice background.

Got this one from Mandarake because I took too long thinking when it was available for over 1000 yen cheaper at Suruga-Ya. Ended up paying about 3800 yen.

Surprisingly good print quality for a thin tapestry. It seems very similar to Natsu no iro no nostalgia tapestries from years back.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mitsuki’s route. Pretty simple story overall without much fuss. Nothing exciting but didn’t waste too much time either.

And then now going to whoever route I’ll end up with. For once I like all the heroines, weirdly with Mitsuki at the bottom at the moment. So, yeah, I’ll report back later.

Sure is behind my original schedule or somewhere between 4-6 weeks for this one title.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO Valentine event is coming.

And nothing much else I can remember.

Daily life

Sold one item last week. At least it’s slightly profitable.

And then I wasted like 40k catching up with tapestries above and more eroges like Sakura moyu, its bonuses, and more eroges like feng’s almost-vaporware. So, yeah.

And then there will be Parasol’s Renran. Not sure how I’ll go with that one.

Otherwise, there isn’t much planned ahead. Apart of maybe selling more stuff which isn’t wasting money (directly). I still need a lot more space for more stuff.

Thanks to selling the remaining of my bitcoins – for 70k less than what I could’ve last year, it provided some nice buffer for those stupid additional backlogs.

Closing words

Almost 3. Probably should sleep soon.

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