Digest Vol. 190: Zzz

A bunch of new tapestry announcements. Some new books and pillow covers. Barely progressing eroge. Doom for some reason. Selling more stuff and wasting more money. In other words, just another usual week.


Non-news links

New stuff

The “Otona no moeoh kanojo-tachi no sukidarake” book I missed from latest Comiket. Well, usual stuff. The price ended up the same with event’s. Also comes with bonus postcard of naked version of the cover. As usual, mostly misses 😔

Pre-order bonus for Pieces. Mainly for the Takano Yuki illustration. Wasn’t expecting the clear file but the Sofmap guy was nice enough giving me that as well.

Yet another pillow cover of Koikano’s Sana. Well, I sold the first one. This one seems slightly better. Usual material etc.

And yet another Kurafuta’s Tomoka. Also seems better than the first one.

More missed books from last comiket. Good stuff as usual.

The only new eroge for this month, minori’s Sono hi no kemono ni ha. If I continue my current backlog-catching system and rate, it’ll probably take a while until I play this one.

And then pre-order for 9-haruiro from Melonbooks. I hope people will sell Sofmap and Official store CDs at not so stupid price.

And lastly more Tiny Evil h-anime. It ended up deviating quite a lot from the source material. The girl on the right barely even appeared.

Eroge playthrough

Finished Mitsuki! …is what I want to say. Unfortunately I barely progressed from last week. Not sure if I’ll do much better this weekend but I’ll try.

Non-eroge stuff

Still slowly grinding through FGO event. Also got Miyu by sacrificing 44 tickets. I hope I’ll still have enough ticket for NP5 swimsuit Okita whenever she got implemented.

Also finished first episode of Doom (the original DOS version). Now playing through the second episode. Something like one level per day should let me finish the rest in a month. I’ve been playing it too carefully and now trying to increase my pace.

Daily life

Sold quite a lot of stuff again this week though not as much profit compared to previous week. Almost no profit, actually. The actual number is unclear as one of the item is part of store bonus. Still nice overall though.

Not sure if I’ll put up more stuff this week. Maybe some pillow covers next week.

On spending, the Marble pillow cover above blew up my budget for this month whoops. Also maybe want a Toranosuke Melonbooks tapestry for about 3500 yen. There’s also new Psycho-Pass movie and others.

Closing words

Sleeeeeeeep. Still have some chores to do though.

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