Digest Vol. 183: From new place

Written from new place.With unfortunately shitty internet because I cheaped out (and rushed) on the ISP. Not sure if it’s this specific ISP or just general NTT infrastructure or something else.

Information on winter events, barely progressing on eroge, nothing much else as I was mostly doing the house moving (and cleaning etc) this week. Still terrible finance.


Non-news links

New stuff

The only new stuff this week. Not even the latest. I just started catching up this series…

Eroge playthrough

Still slowly going through Nanao route. Barely progressed because still cleaning up room. Should be better next week until the events start.

Non-eroge stuff

Business as usual. Oh and FGO christmas event is starting soon.

Daily life

Suruga-Ya stuff sold for a bit over 31k. Kind of nice, I guess?

And then I bought a new phone for backup because the current backup’s battery is exploding soon. I hope it can last until I find the replacement. I got one replacement but it seems to be too cheap and can’t even connect properly to the network. Contacted their support but no reply yet. I’ll return it on Thursday and get something better if there’s no reply until tomorrow.

Apart of that, there’s also various fees incurred so my finance is still in pretty terrible condition.

I’ve resumed auctions and thankfully one stuff has been bid. I lowered the price a bit as well so hopefully it’ll perform well. Additionally put up some more stuff with relatively low starting bid.

Still need to put up even more though. Not sure what else yet but I’ll figure out somehow by raising the bar even higher.

On spending, apart of the essentials I need to pay this last few weeks, there isn’t much until the events. Currently looking at a bit over 70k for eroge store bonuses. Probably will get them sometime later this month for Kinkoi and next month for pieces and Study Steady (if I’m still going ahead with it).

There’s Denkigai official goods which thankfully(?) just Onigyu. Denkigai itself though, I’m currently only looking at Whirlpool’s calendar. The value of going there now is rather quite questionable.

As for other events, I’ll definitely go to K-Books first so as not to repeat mistake last time. That said, I’m not sure what time I should go.

On Palette event, I may or may not be getting Minato pillow cover because I can =] The queue will most likely be stupid long as usual though so it’ll depend on how it goes. At worst I’ll just grab it from online store later. Or maybe not at all to save money? There’s also tapestry of Sora which unfortunately no preview yet.

I’ll be getting some books at C95 corporate booths. Specifically Kadokawa booth. Which is a bad idea because it’s Kadokawa. Otherwise there isn’t anything else interesting for the already announced corporate goodies.

No information on doujin circles yet as expected. Probably few days before the event just like every other comikets. Catalog (digital) is arriving this weekend though.

On investment, I’m currently looking at 50k loss overall. I hope it’s not going down even further? I sure bought mine at the worst timing.

I guess I should also talk a bit about my room. I think it’s a bit smaller than my previous place. Thankfully the layout is way better so things kind of balance out. I really need to reduce the amount of stuff I have though. There’s barely space for anything anymore now. And the old ceiling light taking a good chunk of space is annoying. I’m considering getting a storage room/box somewhere nearby but I’ll wait until I really run out of stuff. It’s not free or even cheap after all.

I have some plans – in addition to selling tapestries and pillow covers – to reduce the required space even further but I’m not sure how far it can go. Probably not really far.

Playing eroge a bit faster probably will help as well.

Closing words

Usual late post. Time to sleep. At least I’ve done most of the things I need to do while writing this post.

As usual I feel like I’m forgetting something. Oh well, whatever forgotten will be in next post. Or this post if it’s important enough.

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