Digest Vol. 168: Not this again

One good announcement… if only it doesn’t have one fatal problem. Otherwise, I’m back, with new stuff, eroge progress, and empty wallet.


Non-news links

New stuff

As mentioned last week, quite a few stuff arrived. A bit more than I initially thought though.

Starting off with Riddle Joker OST. That reminds me I haven’t ripped or even opened this. But yeah, the usual OST in a fancy box which this time I actually have the CDs this is supposed to be filled in with.

Pretty much similar to their previous soundtracks’ package.

Smartly bought from Amazon for slightly cheaper than MSRP. I’ve learned my lesson.

A.M.R messenger bag from C83. She wasn’t on my radar at the time (except possibly a bit from looking at Moteyaba CGs). I think this was to fulfill Suruga-Ya’s free shipping requirement. Bought from there for a bit under 1000.

It seems pretty unused with no noticeable flaw. The main problem is the bag is rather shiny. And that I don’t use messenger bag that often. Perhaps it’ll change with this?!

Cuffs 2018 Summer goods have arrived as well. Starting off with pillow cover of Rikako from Natsu no Ame. I should play the game. I heard it’s good?

This is the second pillow cover of her with the first one released 9 years ago. This series sure is old and Kanekiyo Miwa style also has changed quite a bit.

I didn’t know this arrives last week but here it is. Akane from Onigyu. Just in time when I about to finish her route and need a new pillow cover.

Something seemed off after I put it on but not quite sure what. I’ll need a bit more time to decide whether or not to keep this.

And back to Cuffs goods, also the second pillow cover of Sora from Yosuga. I mean, the second one I have. She’s quite a few pillow covers released already.

Not much to comment here, so, yeah. Someone reviewed this already as well. The almost-barbie part is a bit saddening but expected from Cuffs.

Random old doujins from Suruga-Ya. The stuff which prompted me to buy the bag above.

Bonus shikishi and clear file from purchasing the pillow cover above. Too bad I won’t have shikishi for Sora. Or will I? Checks auction. Nope, not in auction or Suruga-Ya.

And then more Cuffs goods. Tapestry of original character by mignon. This is my first mignon goods.

Usual Cuffs tapestry quality. Not sure what their rule on white border on top and bottom part.

Nice translucent shirt and panties. The cameltoe is welcome as well.

Tapestry from Floflo PS4 Sofmap bonus. Opened this, and then followed by contacting Sofmap almost right away. The reason being the image is heavily pixelated. Except the logo.

They said they’ll be reprinting and send the good one.

Too bad it’s all ages (?) but nice nopan Y-shirt.

And lastly even more Kurafuta tapestry. This one is Izumi which hasn’t gotten one for quite a long time. No censor on genital area yay.

Though honestly speaking, I don’t like her that much and anal tail and chain isn’t really my thing. The cat (?) ears are nice though. May or may not be keeping it.

On printing quality, still the usual Cuffs. Including the already-bending pipe. Sure wish they fix it some day…

Eroge playthrough

Finished Akane route. Yay. Over half of it was done during my trip. There wasn’t much surprise in the route itself except for the last bit. Oh and that it’s got anal. I don’t like anal much, so :(

To the harem route I proceeded then. The way everything started was quite… interesting. Simple and effective. Currently halfway through. Was hoping to finish it before having to writing this post but apparently I’m not that fast.

Finishing this, I’ll go back to Floflo.

Non-eroge stuff

FGO summer (main) is over. Finished the store and everything except challenge quest because it’s rather difficult and I didn’t try hard enough. Oh well. Ended up using both command seal and Merlin 8D

No progress on anything else.

Daily life

Sold four things last week. Helped a bit but still not enough to bring this month’s balance to positive.

I still haven’t put up more stuff either. I’ve only got 50 items now in my auctions even. I can’t remember the last time it’s that few.

I’ll do it once I finish Onigyu. Quite a few things are stuck waiting on that. Including the Suruga-Ya stuff which I haven’t sorted. Heck, I haven’t even sorted my C94 stuff – it’s still piled up on a table.

My trip costed me around 90k. Just around what I expected. Still hurts though and broke my 14 months positive balance streaks.

At least there isn’t much on my wasting budget list at the moment. It also helps I’m considering dropping Favorite’s next title. September is usually the quieter month for me this last few years.

And if auctions and Suruga-Ya go well, it might even break a new record?

Who am I kidding.

Lastly, there should be an extra post later this week about my trip.

Oh, right, and stocks, it’s doing fine. Yay. I’m looking at 1.83% return at the moment. The crash earlier this year still hurts. Monthly fixed investment is doing a bit better at 2.42% thanks to that. Bond sucks regardless (I only have bond and stock funds).

Closing words

Still half hour before I need to sleep. Maybe I can slip in some Onigyu time after washing dishes and other clean ups.

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