Digest Vol. 61 – And done

Yay! Now I can sleep in peace.

Skipped first day because nothing particularly interesting but went second day because there isn’t company booths for last day this time. And then ke-ta’s line was pretty long. At least I got all the stuff.

Last day, Pan didn’t prepare enough pillow covers so I wasn’t able to get it ;_; Here’s hoping she reselling it later. Thanks to that, I practically started this time’s last day Comiket at 11:30. At least I’m not alone this time which is also why I waited until it’s really sold out instead of backing off after 20-ish minutes of barely any progresses.

Nothing much on eroge side as I can’t really concentrate thanks to all the events and the preparations. Finished Rina’s route and now at Shizuku (I think?).

On finance side, it should be kind of yellow next week. And hopefully green next month ā”(惄)ā”Œ


New Stuff

hug pillow cover: Lunaris Filia - Filia

Hug pillow cover of Filia from Lunaris Filia. Bought mainly because I like her expressions.

misc: @uzumaki Vol. 1-17

Bonus CD for purchasing Whirlpool stuff. Contains PDF of miscellaneous things related (or not related) to their games.

hug pillow cover: Tsumi no Hikari - Mikan Set

Hug pillow cover of Mikan from Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous. I think this is the first time I bought hug pillow cover from minori new. Instead of usual onani voice drama (?), they made a mini fandisk of her route instead. And then there’s apparently a 7″ vinyl record of the game’s soundtrack included. I don’t have anything to play it with though.

goods: Tsumi no Hikari Voice Drama Set

Voice drama and random goodies set from Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous series.

tapestry: Trinoline - Nanami Shirone

Usual minori’s white-background tapestry for their latest game. Shirone from Trinoline, illustrated by kino. Double suede as usual.

goods: Natsu Iro Kokoro Log - 2016 Summer

Natsu Iro Kokoro Log 2016 summer set. The card sticker (bottom left) has some interesting instructions and warnings regarding its usage.

tapestry: Natsu Iro Kokoro Log - 2016 Summer

The included tapestry. Impossible situation because they’re both same person? Or something. I don’t know for sure since I haven’t played the game. Double the cute though. Also that untied swimsuit.

Double suede though need some ironing. Also the pipe is pretty long with cap thingy so I cut it out.

tapestry: Tenshin Ranman - Sana Ribbon / Large

This isn’t new. I even already have it. And then they decided to re-release this in double suede version. And then I just need to buy it \o/

Sana from Tenshin Ranman. Better material, improved details, less blur.

tapestry: Dracu-Riot! - F / Azusa ver.2 / Large

Another duplicate purchase. Azusa from Dracu-Riot! Same as Sana tapestry above.

tapestry: Dracu-Riot! - J / Azusa ver.3 / Large

Another re-released tapestry. I don’t have the first version though. Clearly upscaled but at least not too blurry. Can use a better upscaling algorithm though.

goods: C90 Day 2 (companies)

Comiket 90 purchases, company booths.

2016-08-13 20.40.05

Tapestry from Himekuri 365. Double suede. Also I don’t have many Yukie tapestries :(

tapestry: Ao no Kanata no Four Rhtyhm - Ichinose Rika Swimsuit

Suddenly decided to grab all tapestries of Rika (from Aokana).

Ao no Kanata no Four Rhtyhm - Ichinose Rika

And so it happened. Thankfully only these two so far.

goods: C90 Day 1, 2 (doujinshi)

And the first and second day doujins.

books: C90 Day 3 (B5)

Last day, B5 books \o/ Still missing some books which (hopefully) will be obtained later from stores.

goods: C90 Day 3

And the rest.

tapestry: Marvelous Grace - C90

Tapestry from Marvelous Grace (Tateha). Poor girl missing one finger on right hand :(

Double suede as usual, complete with colored string.

tapestry: Quarter Area - C90

First doujin tapestry of Quarter Area (Shouna Mitsuishi). Original character, I think? Produced by A&J but somehow it’s sold for only 3000 JPY. Wish other A&J tapestries are this cheap. Especially sprite’s.

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