Weekly Finance Vol. 4

I thought I’m behind the schedule but I’m not. Oh well.


Sold 6 stuff last weekend on auction for a bit over 50% loss. A bit better than last week but it’s quite a lot fewer in total number.

I probably should put up more stuff soon-ish.


Pre-ordered Torikago from Getchu which I believe should be all my eroge purchases for this year. There’s nothing else for next year yet.

I also pre-ordered Melonbooks C97 catalog. I ended up skipping the artbooks because the lineup doesn’t seem too interesting. I did get a rurudo B1 tapestry as I was a bit curious. And maybe sell for profit if I end up not liking it much.


Still quite a lot of extras even after spending 10k for FGO sq (and got nothing) and unrelated daily supplies. I don’t think there will be any other major purchases for this month, so, yay? Especially if I ever get around putting up more stuff for auction.

Oh, maybe I’ll get the K-Ko original pillow cover (EX version) depending how my spare budget looks like at the end of month.

Weekly Finance Vol. 3

Probably should’ve wrote this yesterday.


Sold quite a lot of stuff last week though with loss of almost 60%. Looking at the number alone, it’s not too bad overall.

I don’t think I’ll put up anything new this week as I’m still too lazy.


I still need to pre-order Torikago from Getchu. And the C97 though I’m not sure what I’m getting for it. Tapestry from Kanekiyo Miwa turned to be not too interesting for me and nothing else really stand out. I’ll probably still get the artbooks but I’m not sure about the rest.


Thanks to the auction thingy, I have plenty to waste. Or save.

Weekly Finance Vol. 2

I just noticed the timing is good enough for this… after posting that auction report.


See this.


Ended up pre-ordering Sumi pillow cover. RIP 13k.

Otherwise I haven’t pre-ordered anything else. Current queue(?) is Getchu’s Torikago and Melonbooks C97 catalog (and goods).


New month, new plan. I mean no more plan as I’ve spent most of my available budget for this month. I hope auction will provide some extra…


Dropped a bit on Friday but I think I should stop this section already as I’ve been saying forever. There just isn’t much point monitoring it daily if I’m not planning to do anything with it.

Weekly Finance Vol. 1?

As I’m splitting off things, this becomes its own post.


Sold one item. Yay. It’s sold at about 60% loss. Talk about a bad week.

I’m considering stopping doing the free shipping thing and back to normal shipping. It’s rather annoying in various ways. On top of Yahoo! takes the same 8.8% cut for the shipping fee, it also makes my stuff seem more expensive than the others. There’s also problem with bidding multiple items. It feels a bit cheating taking the extra money when sending one package of multiple items (and of course the other side may feel cheated as well).

I haven’t put up anything new either. Maybe tomorrow.


As pillow cover from Ikegami Akane isn’t coming this month, I pre-ordered a bunch of eroges. I hope it’ll sell well (?).

Though now looking back, I have a bit of doubt about Amiami bonus of Cafe Stella. It looks a bit too safe. Order placed so there’s no going back. Maybe there’s but I don’t think I’ll do it.

As for next month, there will be Ikegami Akane stuff and a bit more eroge pre-orders. Nothing much else, I think?


This month is almost over, and with rather disappointing bonus from auction side, I didn’t manage to save as much as I wanted. It’s still quite a bit over my minimum but I hoped I could save a bit more.


Somehow the stock market is doing well these last few days. My Topix is still at quite a loss though.