Tora no ana – Go My Way -Yuukan x Shoujo- Tapestries

I was doing a quick mini research before sleep and then discovered this tapestries series in Tora no ana. Apparently it’s from a doujin book which I have vague memory of.

I don’t know if there are more tapestries as I can’t see sold out items easily but there are still some interesting stuff left.

Quick update: yes there are some more not in the same group for some reason.

Tapestry – Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 Okita Souji

The tapestries I mentioned here finally arrived. Suruga-ya sure took their time.

Anyway, this is tapestry of FGO Okita Souji (summer) from circle Kuwai-ya, illustrated by xyomouse.

I like this rendition better than the one by konomi. Mainly because this one doesn’t feel as big.

As for the material, it’s way less shiny compared to the one I got from Melonbooks a long time ago. If anything, it’s closer to Nostalgia tapestries. Not as good as double suede but this will do.

It can use a bit more resolution though. It’s not visibly bad but not great either. There are some almost visible jagged lines as well.

So in the end I ended up buying (pre-ordering?) the Jeanne tapestry as well.

E☆2 Artists Calendar 2020

As 2020 is closing by, calendars are also being sold here and there and of course there’s the series by E-2.

New this (next?) year is the extra tapestry is double suede material. That changes things. Or not. I don’t know yet, kind of want to see what they are first. Also I don’t exactly need more calendars at the moment. Not to mention a rather expensive one.

Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 tapestries pre-order

I didn’t even know the circle before but I found this on Suruga-ya for 2800yen. They didn’t list the material so I went looking for more information and stumbled upon this pre-order. Both Jeanne and Okita looks pretty interesting but unfortunately it uses satin material. If it’s anything like the one by Melonbooks I got a few years ago, I might end up not liking it.

In the end I bought it from Suruga-ya and if I have no problem with the material I may buy the other one as well? It should arrive before the pre-order closes which is November 20. I think.

(and there goes unexpected 4k spending… – I bought something else while at it)

Actually I’m not sure if it’s actually pre-order because the linked page doesn’t mentioned it much but it says BTO and the ones in Melonbooks have cutoff period.