Doujinshi – Ichigo Size C97

I didn’t expect this one to be A4 sized. And I didn’t expect it to be full color either. And heck, it’s not even manga. I probably should’ve read the description before buying stuff.

But anyway, the style is similar to Essentia book where you have a normal art page and then followed by some cuts of H-scenes. Nice surprise yuri action at the end.

The main problem is I don’t play the game at all…

Tapestry (B1) – A.M.R Okita Souji

My first B1 tapestry by Ikegami Akane! Yay. It’s Okita! Black pantyhose (I assume)! Skirt lift! Nice.

Now I need to figure out where to put this up. …and I learned my other wall which currently fit three B2 can be rearranged to fit one B1 and two B2 instead.

As for print quality, it’s similar to the previous one. Include one slight defect of black dot somewhere. I probably should’ve bought two or something.

Now I think about it, the material feels like Melonbooks Uribou double suede tapestries.

Hooded Blanket – A.M.R Lambda Lilith

Finally arrived after the pre-order last month. Also as mentioned, it’s a bit unfortunate only her upper half is visible. Also it’s a bit small for my usual use. It’s got hood though which might be useful? It is probably useful. Otherwise it’s usual blanket deal with fluffy material.

I recently learned the hard way that not all blankets are created equal ,_,

Eroge – Aikano

Uh, yeah, adding more stuff to my backlog is exactly what I need. Found this for cheap-ish in Amazon and I kinda like the illustrator so I figured I should maybe try this.

It’s the limited edition which includes dakimakura cover. At barely over 4k it’s not too bad, I guess?

For some reason Suruga-Ya is selling it for way more despite being second-hand item. The one I got from Amazon is new. It’s gotten a bit more expensive now though at almost 6k.

Doujin – QP:flapper C97

Found it for cheap (with coupon) in PayPay Flea Market so I figured why not. The book is just manga. I was half expecting some illustrations as well but it’s just manga. A bunch of short ones. Pretty standard stuff.

As for the calendar, it’s another small-ish desk calendar. It looks like I now have a desk calendar at home. The illustrations seem to be part original, part anime/game (FGO)? It labels each holidays with the holiday name which is nice as I don’t usually see it in such calendars.

I sure wish they sell their books in stores…

Doujinshi – Mugen Kidou A C96 (?)

While sifting through the shelves looking for some specific books, I encountered last copy of this. I initially intended to wait for digital version but it never came up (and then forgotten). As it was there I just went and buy it.

It’s just baby play, and no hypnotism. Not much in term of story either. Otherwise it’s pretty good if you like the art or the play. Or both.

Doujinshi – TwinBox C96

It’s not C97 because it’s sold out…

I originally planned to buy all four but there’s only this left so I have to make do with this for now.

It’s one illustration page followed by a one-two pages manga. At least for the first half. Second half is just illustrations.

The situations and poses are nice but no comment on the male character, lol…

Doujinshi – Pan no mimi C97

Left one got some newly drawn manga. Haruka being santa and visiting you during Christmas Eve. Panty shots but nothing explicit.

And then the second half of the book contains mostly previously drawn illustrations for magazines and stuff. I missed the one for Tora no ana.

As for the other book, it’s similar to the other book just no manga part. And less focus on panties (lol).

Cute stuff from Pan as usual. Slightly on lewder side.

Doujinshi – MeltdoWN COmet C97

The book this time is pretty thick at 46 pages. It being sold at usual 500 yen is pretty amazing.

As it seems to be trending recently, it’s about live broadcasting… sex. Well it started with masturbation and then escalated to full blown sex.

Cute loli as usual.

The extra book is detective(?) girl as kind of obvious from the cover. Short but nice as well.

Doujinshi – kinokonomi C97 Cosmic Hologram Pulse 2

Here’s the latest artbook by konomi. I thought the illustrations are pretty old and sure enough it only goes up to 2015.

Nice stuff inside especially if you like Touhou and Kancolle. I don’t particularly like either of them (anymore) but it’s still nice. Nipples etc inside as well.

I think I’ve seen most (if not all) of the illustrations in there. I don’t even follow them that closely.

I didn’t get the thin books hoping for digital version on Booth sometime later.

Doujinshi – Eroliya – C97

Got this for Tamachi Yuki part. It’s still the same pair as last few times. This time they did it in train (though no actual sex) and movie theater. No photo contest though. The movie theater part is pretty interesting with the background (movie) also having sex, lol. I wonder how did they get allowed to view the movie in the first place though…

Doujinshi – Egoistic Honey, Kuronekocan – C97

Yet another Hazumi Rio and Muririn collaboration book. The theme this time is succubus.

Muririn’s is loli succubus and her servant in S-M-ish situation. Pretty basic but it’s nice to see it in their specific drawing style. The heart mark in her eyes is nice touch.

The drawing is as usual in almost-draft style ๐Ÿ™‚ Those following them last few years should have already gotten used to it by now. Or maybe even from beginning? I think my first book from Muririn was in the similar style as well and I was pretty confused at the time.

No comment about the other one ๐Ÿ‘€

Doujinshi – Botsugo C97

Even more onee-shota book. Pretty much usual Ryo stuff. Now I think about it when was the last time they did loli again…

On the left side is collection of their previous works… which I believe I already bought them all. If anything, I’m missing the very first book. That very first book is currently on premium price on Suruga-ya ๐Ÿ˜”

Oh, and I sure wish the collection book is B5 instead of B6. Or at least A5 just like usual eromanga. It’s probably too expensive for them though.

Doujinshi – Mugendai C97

Mugendai no yume no ato no~

…wait, wrong mugendai. This one is sune’s Mugendai. A mostly FGO book. It’s FGO, it’s sune so the heroines are pretty… soft? Plump? Not sure how to say it but there’s specific characteristic in their drawings. The coloring is also pretty… soft? I probably should learn more words.

Overall pretty good though some of the heroines seem a bit… wide? Or short? Not sure if it’s just me.

Other than the book itself, there’s that omake thing on the left which is just a page of paper, printed double-sided. The illustration itself is fine.

And lastly the ever-annoying clear file bag. It’s pretty difficult to be carried around safely during the event unless there’s paper bag to put it in as my storage only covers size up to A4.