Tapestry – Kuwai-ya Comic1-16 Okita Souji

The tapestries I mentioned here finally arrived. Suruga-ya sure took their time.

Anyway, this is tapestry of FGO Okita Souji (summer) from circle Kuwai-ya, illustrated by xyomouse.

I like this rendition better than the one by konomi. Mainly because this one doesn’t feel as big.

As for the material, it’s way less shiny compared to the one I got from Melonbooks a long time ago. If anything, it’s closer to Nostalgia tapestries. Not as good as double suede but this will do.

It can use a bit more resolution though. It’s not visibly bad but not great either. There are some almost visible jagged lines as well.

So in the end I ended up buying (pre-ordering?) the Jeanne tapestry as well.

Drama CD – Yosuga no sora – Messe sanoh

Uh, yeah, this is a thing. Spotted this on Suruga-ya and grabbed it right away. I think that was the second time I saw it there. First time I took my time figuring out what else to buy and then someone else bought it ahead.

Haven’t checked the content yet but probably just normal daily life voice drama.

The store name isn’t familiar to me but they got merged with trader a year before I even arrived here.

Magazine – Dengeki Moeoh 2019-12

It’s a thing. I bought printed copy for the usual calendar. It’s slightly more interesting this time compared to this year though the censor is still pretty annoying.

Otherwise top left is bonus poster. The image is just an old image by Ryohka. There’s also Melonbooks clear file. Next month will have desk calendar which I’m not sure if want. I don’t have desk space for that ;_; And I’ll probably get some other calendars as well. Or maybe not. I guess that’s how I’ll decide whether or not to get it.

Oh right, there’s also Melonbooks calendar poster which I almost completely forgotten about.

As for the magazine itself, nothing really exciting. There’s nipples-visible illustration by Nibiiro Shizuka. The first from them I’ve ever seen.

Now I think about it, there should be an artbook for the Maid Paradise coming out soon.

B5 shitajiki – Moteyaba Sofmap bonus

And here’s something random.

B5-sized shitajiki (pencil board?) from Sofmap bonus for Imouto no okage de motesugite yabai.

Meguri sure is cute. Also lewd. Sure wish there are more tapestries of her.

I bought this from Mandarake for a bit less than 500 yen which is cheap. Except the shipping is almost 700. I should’ve checked whether the store actually do cheap shipping or not. Oh well.

Music CD – Cafe Stella to shinigami no chou Character Song Vol. 3

The third character song for Yuzu-soft latest title.

I finally opened the thing and discovered the thing to be stuck for 2020 school calendar is in sticker form. I remember the one for Senren banka was just plain paper and I used transparent tape to stick them to the postcard. This one is much more convenient. That said, I don’t remember how Riddle Joker one was. Maybe it’s sticker as well.

I did rip and scan and everything except actually listen to the CD. Maybe sometime this week…

Postcard shikishi – Fukami Black Rabbit Dress (Maitetsu)

As I mentioned in previous digest post, here’s the individual post thingy. Back to the old days of very short posts. Maybe.

The monthly shikishi thing from Lose Ci-En thingy. Thankfully another new one instead of dupe. The black version of Fukami dress pillow cover. I got white version few weeks ago.

Something specially drawn instead of just recycled images whould be nice…