E☆2 Artists Calendar 2020

As 2020 is closing by, calendars are also being sold here and there and of course there’s the series by E-2.

New this (next?) year is the extra tapestry is double suede material. That changes things. Or not. I don’t know yet, kind of want to see what they are first. Also I don’t exactly need more calendars at the moment. Not to mention a rather expensive one.

B5 shitajiki – Moteyaba Sofmap bonus

And here’s something random.

B5-sized shitajiki (pencil board?) from Sofmap bonus for Imouto no okage de motesugite yabai.

Meguri sure is cute. Also lewd. Sure wish there are more tapestries of her.

I bought this from Mandarake for a bit less than 500 yen which is cheap. Except the shipping is almost 700. I should’ve checked whether the store actually do cheap shipping or not. Oh well.

Postcard shikishi – Fukami Black Rabbit Dress (Maitetsu)

As I mentioned in previous digest post, here’s the individual post thingy. Back to the old days of very short posts. Maybe.

The monthly shikishi thing from Lose Ci-En thingy. Thankfully another new one instead of dupe. The black version of Fukami dress pillow cover. I got white version few weeks ago.

Something specially drawn instead of just recycled images whould be nice…