9-yukiiro website open

It’s finally open! With store bonus information and all.

I’ll keep most of the stuff this time around because it’s Noa. Though that means it’ll be expensive. If I counted correctly, the total would be a bit over 52k $_$

I’m not sure about the daki yet though. Both seem fine but I think I like the official store version better.

Tapestry – A.M.R 2019-11 Apollo

Another Apollo tapestry. The first one in the recent drawing style.

Striped kneesocks! SD Choco plush! Thighs! Also interesting bump around her butts area.

Too bad no panties or anything explicit.

Thankfully double suede though the material seems a bit softer and thinner than usual. It’s still thick enough to be hung on top of non-uniform surface which is the main important point of this material after higher color reproduction. The details are pretty good as well though I noticed a slight defect of semi-transparent black dot around bottom area.

Ikegami Akane has been releasing two tapestries in a row now. It sure would be nice if this continues…

And R-18 tapestries as well please thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Dakimakura cover – A.M.R – Arisukuni Taruto

Yay the latest addition to my increasingly Ikegami Akane-dominated dakimakura cover collection. I wasn’t sure if I actually want it before but I guess it’s fine. I haven’t opened it yet so no comment on the quality but it’s probably the usual Shiromoufu quality.

And nice bonus:

The line seems disconnected but there’s an interesting Y. I think it’s the first from her that’s quite a bit more than just simple line?


Here’s how the other side looks like.

Very explicit and wet. Good job.

And then some nice bonus.

Zipper stop part is made of plastic! Thanks to it, putting this on doesn’t hurt my hands, making it way easier.

And that the other side is way rounded also helps.

For once I don’t need to wear gloves to put this on.

Oh yeah I give up using “pillow cover” term ๐Ÿ‘€

Update 2019-12-15: Added photo on back side and zipper niceties.

Digest vol. 235: RIP usb3

This post is supposed to be posted yesterday but some crashes caused by (apparently) PCI-e USB3 expansion card took quite some time to track down. The card also went straight to auction because it’s not the first time I have problem caused by this card. Though I also kind of suspect it’s combination of USB3 and (very cheap) USB audio thingy.


More and more C97 related news. And some other unrelated news as well. Not sure what to do with Type-Moon Museum yet.

New stuff

There’s supposed to be some new soundtrack CDs but not happening yet thanks to people in my apartment still monopolizing the delivery boxes.

Eroge playthrough

Just entered Moeri’s route. Now I think about it, I don’t remember what I did last weekend ?_?

Non-eroge stuff

Somehow still keeping up with stuff. Maybe I should add more anime stuff and drop some YouTubes.

Daily life

Getting more questionable compared to last week but maybe still kind of safe.

Type-Moon Museum Goods

The museum is a thing. A bunch of Type-Moon related materials will be there. Not sure what’s the deal with the different themes.

And the goods is also a thing. It says 21 types of tapestries total but not much other info apart of the five images they’ve published so far. I don’t know if I’ll even go to the event. Maybe if I feel like wasting 4k-ish for the round trip and the ticket.

And looking closer, Arcueid’s eyes in the first image are kind of scary o_o

Weekly Finance vol. 7


Surprisingly sold quite a few things. The total loss was about 15%. Not too bad considering (unfortunately) no particularly highly-bid item. Just minor loss overall.

I hope this week will be at least as good as last week…


Ended up pre-ordering that Yometan K-Ko pillow cover.

Maybe will also buy the pieces’ Tsumugi pillow cover.


Thanks to last week’s YJA, it recovered a bit. Overall though I still have quite a bit wastable budget remaining for this year.

Not sure how next year will fare considering I won’t have as many stuff to be sold anymore.