Tsunako doujin tapestry pre-order

This has been announced a while back and finally up for pre-order. I don’t think I’ve seen doujin stuff in ebten before.

There’s also a new tapestry by just Tsunako. It’s the illustration from their first book which was also used as poster it seems? I think it would be better as portrait tapestry though. With current landscape orientation it looks like the characters end up a bit small.

Digest vol. 244: Progress

There are quite a few news and new stuff this week.


New stuff

Eroge playthrough

Non-eroge stuff


Daily life

Tapestry – Type-Moon Illustration 10

That above is pretty much what the store website says about this thing. The first time I saw this was from Animate store bonus for the latest FSN artbook.

I like it. The expression, pose, clothings, backgrounds, etc feel perfectly matching and mix nicely. Would be even better if the image is taller and shows more of her knee-socks.

And then as can be seen above, they made tapestry of it.

The print is good though too bad the material is the thin one.

Also the size is a bit unusual. As can be seen in the title, it’s B2-ish. The width is fine but it’s way shorter than the usual B2 tapestries.

Here’s comparison with normal B2 tapestries:

Weekly Finance vol. 16

Early for once.


Sold quite a few items at 70%. That hurts. At least it covered my extra 10GbE cards purchases though.

I noticed I now have less than 50 items up. It sure can use more items. Maybe this week. Or next week. I don’t know.

Wasting money

I’m still not sure about Maitetsu pre-orders. Those look pretty dangerous. I still have 5 months to prepare but with Comiket incoming in two months, I don’t have that much leeway until then.

At least I don’t have anything else coming for this month. I think.

Oh right, there’s FSN 15th Museum but it shouldn’t cost too much.

There’s also that company which said to use DMM Soft Denchi (lol) but for some reason still hasn’t updated their official page. I think I should keep some budget aside for that but at the moment the chance they’ll drop the stupid DRM seems pretty low. Well, their loss ┐( ・_・)┌

Shikishi – pieces/Canary early pre-order

I got this one from Sofmap. I do usually order early but not this early. I needed something to pre-order so I get some bonus points so I got this this week.

I still need to pre-order from Melonbooks for retail store orders. And maybe Tora no ana? Their online store is usually pretty late for pre-order stuff though. I’ll decide next or following month.

Sukumizu sure is nice. I’m not sure what the ribbon is doing there though ?_?

Doujinshi – Suzuya C97

Very late C97 doujinshi. It sure took pretty long to arrive. I ordered it from Melonbooks.

I like Ryohka’s loli way more than non-lolis. Similar to Chikotam, I think?

Tsundere little sister yay. I like the part they’re partly doing it (?) in the dining room.

It looks like there might be more? That would be fun. A dakimakura might be interesting as well though I don’t think Ryohka ever had any explicit one.

TM Racing 15th Saber Tapestry

Type-Moon Racing for 15th tapestry Artoria Pendragon Suit ver., sold at FGO Fes 2019.

The title is so long I don’t even.

I saw this last year and kinda liked it but it was pretty expensive at the time (second hand). I then forgot about it until a few days ago I saw it on Suruga-Ya. It was still pretty expensive but there’s one slightly cheaper one on Amazon.

Ordered after thinking about it for a bit more and it arrived earlier today.

The condition is mostly fine. There’s only one small dirt on her thigh. Not sure if can be cleaned up. Not really visible though.

This is also the first time I see large version of this image. Too bad the line between her inner wear (swimsuit?) and her body line is straight instead of pressed down like how it should be. Though looking at other illustrations it’s pretty common. It’s just I don’t usually see it at this size, lol.

This is also my first tapestry of the original Saber. Or at least she is according to the official page. She looks more like Saber Lily to me ┐(・_・)┌

Weekly Finance vol. 15


Put up four stuff, sold one of them. I think it was for about the value I bought it at.

I probably should put up more new stuff. I now have some ideas on what else to sell.

In addition, I lowered starting bid on most of the things and two of them are already bid. Hopefully there will be more this week?

Wasting money

I ended up pre-ordering this K-Ko dakimakura. And this Ryohka tapestry. Maybe I’ll pre-order this mignon tapestry as well.

Apart of that, with delay of Cabbit’s Torikago, there isn’t much else for me this month. Maybe Ikegami Akane covers though looking at the schedule again, the pre-order will probably be only up in March.

That said, it’s only first week of February and I don’t exactly have that much spare remaining for this month.

Lastly, stock market is on free fall 😔

Maitetsu Last Run!! Website open

It’s now open. It’s got store bonus info and all lined up already. Although unlike the previous one, they’re not selling some of the stuff individually (Sofmap) although for the rest of the stores they mostly do.

And holy crap, that’s a lot of stuff. Enough to motivate me to write a list of them.

  • Sofmap:
    • B1 tapestry (Hachiroku)
      • Only as part of game bundle
    • Game bundle includes guidebook and piano collection DVD
  • Getchu:
    • Dakimakura cover (Hachiroku, gothloli)
      • +voice drama
    • Dakimakura cover (Hachiroku, bunny)
      • +voice drama
    • Dakimakura cover (Adult Fukami, casual)
      • +voice drama
    • Game bundle includes vocal mini album by Nagai Mai (Fukami voice actor)
    • Game complete bundle includes B2 tapestry (Fukami & Nagi)
  • Melonbooks:
    • (All ages) B2/B1/B0 tapestry (Hachiroku & Reina)
      • +voice drama
      • B2 only as part of game bundle
    • (All ages) B2/B1/B0 tapestry (Olivi)
      • +voice drama
    • (All ages) B2/B1/B0 tapestry (Denshahime & Hiyoko)
      • +voice drama
    • Game complete bundle includes vocal mini album by Ousaki Chiyo (Hachiroku related songs)
  • Tora no ana:
    • (All ages) Life sized tapestry (Paulette & Reina & Hikari)
      • +voice drama
    • Dakimakura cover (Paulette)
      • +voice drama
    • Game complete bundle includes song CD by Paulette voice actor (?)
  • Gamers:
    • Dakimakura cover (Hibiki)
      • +voice drama
    • B2 tapestry (Hibiki & Makura)
      • +voice drama
    • Game complete bundle includes B2 tapestry (Hibiki & Makura, clothed (barely) version) and Makura ending song download card
  • Trader:
    • B2 tapestry (Hachiroku & Olivi)
      • +voice drama
    • B2 tapestry (Fukami & Mikuro)
      • +voice drama
    • B2 tapestry (Paulette & Suika & Niiroku)
      • +voice drama
    • Combined they make a large landscape. Of naked little girls in a large bathroom 🙃
    • Game complete bundle includes Niiroku ending song by Akatsuki Yumu download card
  • Animate:
    • (All ages) Dakimakura cover (Hachiroku)
      • +voice drama
    • B2 tapestry (Paulette & Kisaki)
      • +voice drama
      • Only as part of game bundle?
    • Game complete bundle includes Kisaki ending song download card
  • Suruga-Ya:
    • B2 tapestry (Hachiroku)
      • +voice drama
    • All items include wallpapers collection DVD

On the bright side, it’s scheduled for July release so I still have plenty of times to figure out if I want anything. Or if I should just bail out (probably not).

A quick check on what I possibly may want:

  • Sofmap full set (22k)
  • Getchu full set (46k)
  • Gamers full set (30k)
  • Trader tapestries set (14k)
  • Suruga-Ya tapestry (5k)

My calculator says they sum up to 117k. Ayyy 💸

Digest vol. 242: Bye January


New stuff

Eroge progress

I actually finished Nozomi main route. Only the extra “story” left now before I write post for it.

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Weekly Finance vol. 14


Nothing ;_;

It was kind of expected but it sure is sad.

I really should put up some more stuff…

Wasting money

I actually saved quite a bit of extra for this month thanks to Suruga-Ya stuff.

Spending for February includes a few eroges (Torikago, Hajikano) and blu-rays (?) and dakimakuras (Ikegami Akane), I think.

There are a few more new titles coming up for April and May. Those cost quite a bit. They’re still a long way so I should be able to save up some budget before they arrive.

Digest vol. 241: Tapestries and stuff

Low effort post written as I really need to sleep ASAP so I’m not dead later today.


A lot of new tapestries. Yay? Still no space though.

New stuff

Eroge playthrough

Nothing much! I think I’m at 20%-ish of Cafe Stella’s Nozomi route at the moment.

Non-eroge stuff

Daily life

Blendream candy collection – Shiratama

I thought Blendream is the company selling moe rice but apparently they sell other stuff now as well? Or maybe they’ve been doing this forever and I only knew the rice part until now.

But anyway, various stuff including that nice tapestry above will be up for pre-order later today. It’s double suede, even.

Though if I want some lewd Shiratama stuff I’d just grab Cabbage Soft’s Amairo Chocolata. They’re double suede as well, even. And actually lewd instead of just cute lewd.