Inu x Boku SS

Best part of the show

Another nice series ended. david production sure has lots of money to burn in making different endings on various episodes.

Anyway, it ended quite nicely. The premise was simple and mostly solved by the end of this series. Another series done well by david production – too bad they aren’t doing anything (or at least as the main production team) for this (next) season. Oh well, hopefully we’ll get more interesting series from them sometime in the future.

Shakugan no Shana

So long, Shana ;_;

The first series I mostly download by myself. On weekly basis. Checking the tracker on release day back when there’s no Google Reader and TokyoTosho (or perhaps there were but I didn’t use them at the time).

I got to know Kugimin and learned term “tsundere”. Also light novels. Also Itou Noizi. Also system administration (guess how it’s related).

First season was a blast. Second season was pretty much content-less and the series of OVA didn’t add anything meaningful. Despite of them, the third – final – series certainly didn’t disappoint. Lots of things I liked on first series are back except Shana’s tsundere-ness thanks to her being much more honest than ever. Not that I hate it.

Also, great job, Eclipse (point-blank, anyone?). May the time come when I can buy the entire series’ Blu-Ray (or DVD?) – hopefully in R2.