Moebooru Update

I haven’t been able to work on Moebooru for most of this month but I got to work on it this weekend. At ~30 changes, it went from -alpha to -beta.2 after receiving good amount of tests.

Summary of changes (more or less):

  • Most instances of RAILS_ENV and RAILS_ROOT have been replaced with newer Rails.env/Rails.root
  • Better Javascript handling in Development mode by moving cached Javascript from application.js to cached/all.js
  • Removed AssetCache modification library
  • Replaced HTML5Sanitizer’s html5sanitize with Rails’ built-in sanitize (because the former doesn’t work in 1.9)
  • Fixed Note Editor’s “History” button
  • Fixed Comment page’s pagination
  • Fixed Tag Relation search function
  • Updated “hack” for UTF-8 handling in Rails 2.3 with Ruby 1.9
  • Merged updates from moe branch
  • Reverted change which put class definition in <html> tag as it currently required by Javascript

zpool hourly status check

I’m setting up cron job for a storage server using ZFS. There’s zpool status -x but it returns “all pools are healthy” (or “no pools available”) on no error and prints errors to stdout (instead of stderr), rendering it annoying for cron job.


set -e
set -u

zstatus="`zpool status -x 2>&1`"
case "${zstatus}" in
  "all pools are healthy"|"no pools available")
    return 0
    printf "%sn" "${zstatus}" >&2
    return 1

Put it in a file (e.g. /root/bin/zpool-status-cron), make it executable, and add it to crontab.

Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger

A metaseries on Super Sentai. In short, they opened tvtropes and jammed as many tropes as they can into the series.

Head over to Over-Time to grab the releases (currently 2 episodes). Don’t forget to read the notes, too! I wish more fansubbers do this for reference-heavy series.

I’m pretty sure “Nijiyome” there is abbreviation of “nijigen yome” (2D waifu).

Supipara demo movie

Demo movie for Supipara – minori’s latest game/series is out. No high quality video in sight though. And the animation isn’t by Shinkai – just like eden (and I suspect we’ll get no more minori/Shinkai combo) but still pretty enough so it’s okay.

As expected, there’s no male in sight. The game is all-ages though so we won’t get some actual yuri action either 🙁

[ Link to video ]

Accel World

I wonder what they are...

One of the hyped series for this season, spring 2012. Looks quite good. With Sunrise as production studio, I can safely expect stable animation over the series. No clear indication on how long this will be though considering the amount of its LN, I guess half-assed ending should be expected.

And yes, Black Snow Princess (aka Kuroyukihime) makes up 90+% of reason I’m watching this as of currently :>

Tinkle Artbook GET

Finally ;_;

The overall cost went through the roof because I forgot to calculate the handling fee. The total is 6000 JPY + 217k IDR (about 1mil IDR). Should’ve bought three of them to reduce shipping fee overhead.

Well, not too bad as this is my first purchase. Perhaps I should try using alternative store with cheaper shipping cost sometime later. Or next year once my life settles down again.


On Winter 2012

All right, I’ve finished most of Winter 2012 (I count the start of year from Winter by the way). And, um, I’m not sure where to start so I guess I’ll make it point by point for each series.

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