Yuru Yuri episode 2 – HHNNNNGGGGGGGH

*Death by yuri*.

As hoped, the second episode delivers. **And more**. An explicit version of Tsumugi is one thing but the yuri-tsundere-couple is also great. I mean, seeing a tsundere character isn’t all new but in this, there are two – attracted to each other no less. As Kurogane said, [restraining their homolust for each other and channeling it in to spiteful actions between them](http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/2011/07/12/yuruyuri-02/).

Conclusion: crazy brainless yuri fun.

Steins;Gate episode 14 – woo

The episode which we see dere-est Makise Kurisu ever. Well, finally things get SERIOUS and we see that Okabe actually did something crazy and his ability is not to be underestimated. At least the future version. /hahahah

Things should (hopefully) just get better after this which is quite an opposite to its somehow-related `Chaos;Head` – a series which I facepalm’d. Probably because of the main character. A mad scientist is surely much better than a delusionist – the latter just doesn’t make enough sense.

Cat God episode 1 – Gods everywhere

Powered by Satomi Arai. Seeing her voicing a non-loli role (and humanoid) is rather weird but still win.

The first episode of Cat God basically explains the characters and some of the back story. I certainly did not expect a yuri undertone in this series. Amaterasu Omikami approved a girl-girl pair? HAHAHAHA. Japanese sure like mocking their own God. Apart of that, this could help understanding various Gods worshipped in Japan (or whatever the term is). The names are fucking long though so I don’t think I’ll ever remember any of them by the end of this series.

It’s animated by AIC PLUS+ so we can hope for something resembling story in this series. Or not. At least they won’t horribly mess up thing like that certain random animation studio (pun intended).

The ABCs of Blooming episode 14 – still going strong

Unlike the other series I can barely watch despite its new twist (Nichijou), this series is still enjoyable. The animation was kept stable and pleasant. The new theme song aren’t too bad either though not as memorable as the first one (yet).

The latter half of this series is started by how the Kissou Inn staffs differ to other inns. In how they actually love the jobs and how the other inn failed to make enjoyable atmosphere between staffs. There’s good chance of the first staff temporarily takes up job to show _how it should be done_.

Yeah, this post is late and the fact that I scheduled this didn’t help at all.

Let’s Play! OVA – um what

Aliens learning the strip-[insert game here].

Relatively story-free episode themed around aliens learning human’s games. The captains really topped it up by playing strip variant of all games while the main team only has one such themed game. I’m glad(?) they didn’t forgot the epic film shooting which happened in the actual series and amazed how they can make an entire episode based on that.

Mayo Chiki! episode 1 – okay

I actually hoped this to be the same type as [Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojou-sama](www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=44449) but turned out to be something generic straight. I mean, an S princess, a reverse trap and a gynophobic (is it even the right term?) boy. Riiiiight.

Well, not too bad overall with good amount of well-placed fanservices here and there. I mean, lots of em. Turning off brain is necessary for this kind of series.

Also, [first episode and someone is dying already and most likely on his way to become an M](http://kurogane.animeblogger.net/2011/07/08/mayo-chiki-01/).

R-15 episode 1 – Unlimited Delusion Works

So, basically his talent is imagining _things_ (like, picture above) and actually writing it. On paper. Or stone.

As expected there are lots of white lights on this series. Heck, not even past a minute there is already one. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be much development happening yet. Not even character introduction apart of the quick hack job at the beginning.

Surely not hoping for anything extraordinary but probably will be a mindless fun.

God’s Memo Pad episode 1 special – hmmmm

My mistake when watching this is that I didn’t watch it fully focused therefore apparently I have missed some important bits here and there. I made sure to not miss any scene with Alice on it though – except the dialogue which escaped me.

As usual, I didn’t read the source material so I don’t know how it goes in there. Not that I’m interested to, either.

Overall pretty standard business for a mystery series. The NEET thingy is rather amusing and the helpers kind of remind me of Baker Street Irregulars. Anyway, being animated by J.C.Staff there’s at least a 1d2 (number pulled out of thin air) chance of it being good. 1 episode is basically not enough to fairly judge anything and guesses can be wrong sometimes.