Rewrite finished!

Comprehensible Assembler Programming

Comprehensible Assembler Programming

Not quite, but close. Only lacks actual interface – if I ever want to create one, that is. Should be not too difficult though. And output to file – I completely forgot about this.

Also, C++ sucks. Well, the speed is (probably) better, but writing in it is, well, much easier than assembly. And more difficult than C#. Except on multithreading (yay OpenMP).

In the end, I still prefer C#. Except for this project (because I need all speed I can get).

Peaceful(?) days


  • My program which was written in VC# works in FreeBSD using Mono without recompilation.
  • Creating GUI for heavy computation sucks.
  • Should I rewrite it in C++?
  • Disk space, I have. Lots of em.
  • 800 GB unsorted data is not fun though.

Saki episode 19

"It is fun playing with you, but the most fun comes from the fact I defeated you!" =D

"It is fun playing with you, but the most fun comes from the fact I defeated you!" =D

Gonzo delivers?

Btw, this episode is worse than Kira Yamato’s saying “Please stop fighting now!” while keeping shooting everyone with Freedom – for better or worse, depends on how you look at it :>

With the manga paced at snail’s speed, ETA Saki S2: forever. (or someone please prove me wrong)

eden* Demo Movie Download Link

more pics @

more pics @

Thanks to the fact minori is still blocking foreign access, downloading this becomes not so trivial. 🙁

Here be mirror at Megaupload. Widescreen version only.

And apparently it’s not animated by Makoto Shinkai this time. Still close though .

Music is still by Tenmon/Harada Hitomi.

[ Megaupload link ]

Update: another download link, the translation and wallpapers by pireze’s icie. Wallpapers are also available on Tell me if you need 1280×1024, 1920×1080 or 1600×1200 ones.