moefetch 0.2.1!

After few hours messing with Notepad++, Solaris’ Bash and tools, FreeBSD’ sh and tools and of course with help from folks at #bash, moefetch 0.2.1 is released.

Since this is the first (second) release, there’s no changelog.

…I think I forgot updating the help. Whatever. Tell me if you need documentation – usage should be straightforward.

[0:40] ~/moe> fetch -s hatsune_miku
moefetch 0.2.1
Copyright (c) 2009 edogawaconan

Tags: hatsune_miku

Fetching xml file
           => `/export/home/edho/moe/temp/'
Connecting to connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 635,696 (621K) [application/xml]

    0K ........ .                                           100%  117.50 KB/s

00:40:44 (117.50 KB/s) - `/export/home/edho/moe/temp/' saved [635696/635696]

Processing XML file... 736 file(s) available on server
Cleaning up repository folder... Moved 1d847e88e5d854746c5d358eb986bd44.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 469d46eceef89bf6efba9638377b400f.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 64ecb121226b0fd275d608efa90905a3.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 704ee8ab1d434e669b7743d7fbebae98.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Checking for errors... done
All files OK
731 file(s) available locally
Generating list of new files... done
5 file(s) to be downloaded
Starting wget... Continuing in background, pid 21649.
[0:42] ~/moe>

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pam_mysql on OpenSolaris

Thanks to boredness, I tried to finish installing pam_mysql which was failed before. Here’s the tricks:

  • Symlink pam_appl.h and pam_modules.h from /usr/include/security to /usr/include
  • Use Sun C Compiler. GCC won’t work – don’t bother trying
  • make will most likely fail because -lCrun doesn’t exist or something. Temporary workaround is by removing -lCrun from the command in Makefile (open Makefile, find and remove -lCrun)

Seems to be working here.

ruby/god vs python/supervisord

There is no comparison to daemontools yet because I’ve never used it. Runit seem to be running at entire different level and monit… also never tried (seems to be too complex and underpowered).

Disclaimer: in this post there’s no religion involved. ‘god’ mentioned here is a ruby gems that is just happen to be named god (seriously, this is not how you should name your program – googling for it results in too much noise)

[ god | supervisord ]

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