Cheat sheet fail

Indonesian news.

To sum it up: 19 highschools in Indonesia, 100% of their last grade students failed national final exam (er, dunno what’s this should be in English).

Reason: incorrect/fake cheat (answer) sheet.

Good job to whoever made that cheat (answer) sheet.

My take: burn the schools together with all the staffs involved. Or perhaps just ban them from teaching or anything that involves school activities. The students, well, should just take another year. It’ll most likely just ended as ‘blame game’ though.

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Double-click drag with touchpad

I just found today that to do double-click drag with touchpad (tapping) is pretty simple: tap – delay – double tap.

Triple tap doesn’t work because between first two taps and third tap (and drag) confused the touchpad between double click or tap drag (click-drag by double tapping then dragging).

Useless tips ftw. XD

Random things about OS and Web Server

easy to deply, difficult to maintain

easy to deploy, difficult to maintain

This one is sure NOT how you should name your program.

Well, functionality-wise, it looks good. I will try it sometime next week since REE/passenger setup is PITA in term of management. Not to mention there’s annoying bug regarding kill -HUP `cat /var/run/` (that is, the passenger is spawned again while the old one isn’t killed).

Also re-evaluating my choice of ZFS and OpenSolaris (namely pure-ftpd is not working as it should).

Linux still sucks though.