LOL ef1 chapter 1 english “patch”

There really is one. The chapter 2 of the game (first tale) is being done by some other anonymous team (as mentioned in the readme).


Note: it isn’t really “patch”. More like, fully localized installer. But I’ll call it patch anyway.

Okay, upon checking, I’m two days late :p

Thanks to the fact that I didn’t check my feeds yesterday. My Google Reader shows up 1000+ unread items. Sigh.

Last thing you should expect in Linux

Or even you should NOT expect to work at all.

That is, power management. You know, the thing this Windows XP has got kind of correctly few years ago.

The hackery involved to enable standby/hibernate, without pre-hackery installed, is ridiculous.

And this “Suspend” and “Hibernate” button from ArchLinux/xfce4 should never be pressed until you hack em up with Unlimited Hack Works (and if it works at all).

Headache-free dual/triple/multiple-boot Windows/OpenSolaris/Linux/FreeBSD

…after being wtf-ed by trying to add GRUB entry to boot to ArchLinux’s ext4 partition.

  1. Install Windows
  2. Install OpenSolaris
  3. Install Linux/FreeBSD, with GRUB on the Linux/FreeBSD partition then add entry on OpenSolaris’ GRUB to chainload to Linux/FreeBSD partition
  4. ???
  5. Profit!

There’s also this but I prefer installing bootloader on every OS’ partition than mix-and-match OpenSolaris’ GRUB (which apparently doesn’t support ext4). Much less headache.

Lazy weeks

I be lazy. Lazier than ever.

On unrelated note, installing danbooru in secure way is fastest way to get headache. I personally recommend jail. Or zone. Or private-server-noone-else-have-access-to.