WAT (on Toradora! 24)

Ha it’s back (random episode summary ftw).


Well, I saw the spoiler somewhere before, but I still surprised (or more like, went “WAT”) when saw it. Mostly because I forgot about the spoiler already XD

I’m wondering how much the difference between anime’s and novel’s ending.

Fun with JavaScript

Go visit this site. And if many of the demos are slow for your browser, it means that your browser is worse than Chrome at JS.

…which means that Firefox 3.1b3, Opera 10 Alpha and Safari 4 Beta are worse than Chrome at JS.

This one is my favorite. Try opening it on Chrome, and then do some searching for MOAR lulz.

vnc sucks

especially on low bandwidth connection. FreeNX is much better.

But configuring FreeNX is a pita. (not really, but much more difficult than below)


(Windows’) Remote desktop wins. (okay, it is much more difficult to do on Windows Server 2003 SP2 and up thanks to licensing matter – but for standard usage it’s relatively easy).