Randomly Random

Chat log of the day:

(9:02:42 PM) edogawaconan: laughing lizard
(9:04:09 PM) Rofl_Mao: Lolling Lizard
(9:04:15 PM) edogawaconan: i saw that
(9:04:31 PM) Rofl_Mao: Mysterious Monkey
(9:04:46 PM) Rofl_Mao: Nauseating Narwhal
(9:04:53 PM) Rofl_Mao: Obvious Ostrich
(9:05:12 PM) edogawaconan: plurking pig
(9:05:13 PM) edogawaconan: i,i
(9:05:17 PM) edogawaconan: omg fail
(9:05:28 PM) Rofl_Mao: D:
(9:05:35 PM) Rofl_Mao: Quacking Quacker]
(9:05:41 PM) Rofl_Mao: D:
(9:05:43 PM) edogawaconan: rofling rauphl
(9:05:44 PM) edogawaconan: :>
(9:05:45 PM) Rofl_Mao: Revive Revival
(9:05:49 PM) edogawaconan: LOL WUT

On RideBack

Apparently my post about this didn’t get posted at all and I forgot how I wrote it.

Anyway, it seems my prediction is correct :<

Let’s just hope it’ll be finished properly.



This is definitely my series of choice this season. Rin is just so gar-moe XD

Oh and the good thing about this series is that it can be generically recommended.

Q4-2k8-6: Birdy The Mighty Decode

Too lazy to create another random comment post :>

Moar random lulz. Now it involves recently-met-again childhood friend which is… highly capable of destroying things. The unlucky brothers are still there, still getting their properties destroyed randomly by Birdy XD

I prefer 1st season OP/ED though. Afromania o/

No pics because I’m using Windows Live Writer. Not that I can’t upload pics with it but I prefer uploading it in intended way.