Why? (on Yahoo!)

This question has bugged me for years.

That is, why many people I know uses Yahoo! for mail and messaging service? Basically, I can’t see the advantage. Its pop mail is hackish (if you’re lucky enough registered the mail with certain domain(s)), no IMAP, no forwarding, no frills. (at least hotmail have this fancy “Windows Live Mail” which can be used as standalone and full featured (more or less) mail client)

And it’s got gay default BLUE line for fag html reply.

Even worse the mailing list (group) is plagued by over nine thousands ads embedded to it by default.

Oh and it has another prefix for replies on non-english interface (in indonesian its Bls and Trs for Re and Fwd) which pwned Gmail’s automated threaded mail system.

The only reason I can think is it’s chained effect. Say someone named A has friend B. B uses Yahoo! for messaging hence forced A to use Yahoo! too (because cross messaging sucks). Then C is A’s friend, which then uses Yahoo! too because A is using it. Etc etc. (it actually happens to me 🙁 ).

In the end

Yahoo! sucks. They should’ve died after rejecting Microsoft’s offer.


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The Rules!!!!

Screw the rules, I don’t have money.

So I’ll put random things instead.

  1. visit ED
  2. ????
  3. profit!!!

Q4-2k8-5: RideBack


Dancing bike

Dancing bike

The bike (I mean, rideback) kind of resembles vehicles in Blassreiter 😮

The transforming style reminds me more of Transformers or Macross Frontier though 😮

And I’m worried if the storyline will move from some racing to some war… Prove me wrong please? 🙁