Flash news: FMA after G00S2


I wonder if the manga will be ended after this arc. It looks like final battle is coming anyway.

It’d be good since I don’t really like reading chapters on month basis. Too freaking slow (10 minutes reading for the whole month – wtf).

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Saki anime updates

The art is ok, methinks

The art is ok, methinks

I actually forgot to post about this yesterday (see my post before where I first mentioned about this update).

From moetron, the staffs for Saki anime has been announced. The director is kinda worrying given his profile… Or hopefully it’s just me.

Also Kugimin is going to take part in this (woohoo)… along with Ueda Kana (Tohsaka Rin), and some other high profile seiyuu 😮

NKDS has made a wonderful post introducing characters in this anime. Go check there if you haven’t read the manga!

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