Journey to HTML 4.01 Strict (Take 1)

I win (?)

I win (?)

After quick Google search, I found that there’s an easy way to replace all end tag for XHTML output (/>) to standard HTML ones (simply >). Then I do some modification on base Tarski templates… bawww… I got a valid HTML 4.01 Strict WordPress blog.

What’s involved in this stupidity attempt?

  • Including replacer to header file
  • Separating fieldset since HTML hates div in fieldset
  • Adding bunch of <legend>s (HTML hates <label> without <legend>)

Then… valid HTML 4.01 Strict GET (for what I can check, that is).

[ Read this for base PHP template I used | And this to read about XHTML and HTML | And this | Also Google ]