WordPress trunk edition

Latest beta

Latest beta Dashboard

I got bored and decided to check out latest beta (or in svn term – trunk) of WordPress. The new (dashboard) interface looks good but slow. Haven’t checked with Google Chrome or Opera to see if Firefox is the problem’s source (slow JavaScript?).

Using publishing from add new post rather awkward with it forcing me to set publish date first… O_o

Overall interface also doesn’t seem to be polished yet. I will try installing it locally at home sometime tomorrow though as it’s not really funny trying out things using slow connection.

Also, lighttpd kinda sucks. Need to upgrade to 1.5 ASAP. Or migrate to nginx.

Site update: 2.10

Image used for the new header

Image used for the new header

Updated site… mainly style changes and some structure updated (ie removing most sidebar contents on posts/pages, search now on footer, etc). Also… new header. Now version 3 😮

Version explanation:

  • 2 means second year
  • 10 means October update

CSS Skill: +1

Full image is at moe.imouto which is currently down. 🙁