It’ll be ended already??


Next episode is the Finale...

Next episode is the Finale...


Wtf? It seems kinda abrupt… o_o

Like, 1 episode to solve everything. (!)

Totally in contrast with Sky Girls where there’s even an extra episode… Well, Sky Girls is 26 episode, but still. Whatever, lol.

If you liked the series (well, I do) and have money to spare (I don’t. Someone give me money, please? 😀 ), please buy the DVDs when they come out to show your support… And get the series in QUALITY (the BOST ones sucks. And DVD ones should be better). It’ll be released monthly starting from next month (till February, in total 6 volumes).

Calculating bitrate

Use some logic please?

kbps = kilobit(s) per second

1 kilobit = 1000 bits

1 byte = 8 bits

1 megabyte = 1024 kilobytes

1 kilobyte = 1024 bytes

1 hour = 60 minutes

1 minute = 60 seconds

Say you want to encode a 25 minutes video at 175 MB,

175 megabytes in 25 minutes…

179200 kilobytes in 1500 seconds…

119.467 kilobytes for every seconds… (aka KB/s)

955.733 kilobits per second… for video, audio, overheads, etc.

Say the audio is about 128 kbps

Then the video = 955.733 – 128 – extras = 827.733 – extras = about 800 kbps.

Why someone need help calculating it, is beyond me.

oblivious ~ufotable edit~ (‘OMG I sub something’ edition)

Lulz. aether-subs. LULZ.

Source: DVD

avs file:


Encode setting (video – x264):

--crf 12 --level 4.1 --ref 8 --mixed-refs --no-fast-pskip --bframes 8 --b-pyramid --b-rdo --bime --weightb --direct auto --subme 7 --trellis 1 --partitions p8x8,b8x8,i4x4,i8x8 --8x8dct --me umh --threads auto --thread-input --progress --no-psnr --no-ssim --psy-rd 0

Encode setting (audio – aac):

LOL foobar2000 -> convert to mp4 -> q0.5

.ass file: link below

Misc: karaoke is softsub. Video is anamorphic. Lulz

LOL credits:

  • gg: karaoke timer, translator, etc
  • anime-rg: raw provider
  • me: everything else (…is there anything left? O_oa)

[Torrent | ASS file ]

Google Chrome!

Dream comes true

It was released. I’m currently trying it out and looks pretty good so far. The fact that it supports gears is also nice.

Actually, a few weeks ago, I prayed that someone will make a lightweight yet full-featured browser based on WebKit.

And somehow it actually becomes a reality…. o_O

I was liek, LULZ.

Here are short list of what need to be fixed, from my short usage experience:

  1. shift-enter and ctrl-shift-enter for .net and .org*
  2. autofill
  3. a title bar?

*its functionality can be considered replaced by “something”… try it and you’ll understand what I meant. 😛

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