I’ll be missing from intertubes for a week starting tomorrow afternoon (or later). Will return at July 5 😮


This one is damn fail.

I don’t know, there’re only TWO ‘widescreen’ version of this in Tokyo Toshokan (using keyword ‘ikkitousen’). And I suspect the other one’s uploader is the same as this one. The rest are 4:3 (at least the ones that have resolution information in the filename).

and this one’s correct resolution should be 4:3 or 960×720 or sth like that

what’s more, it’s 30fps (PAL?)


Daily craps

  • LOL U-U-Uma Uma. Not good for health.
  • Noizi Itou drew the cover.
  • LAWL 22MB PNG. Perhaps I should mirror moe.imouto/noizi_ito…
  • a manga with nijikon main character. Recommended. LOL.
  • wat.
  • Danbooru 1.14.0 has released. I still wonder what “Final tagged version” means. And I think I’ll use tagged ones instead of trunk from now on. Why? Just because. 😛
  • ^– actually, it means less maintenance.
  • With that, I’ll also stop using -current for animu server o.o
  • Not before 4.4 released though – which means I’ll have to struggle with -current until November – or until I switch to NetBSD. The reason is simple: Danbooru requires PostgreSQL 8.3 which only available as package on -current (I forced to manually compile before using -current). – Or maybe until I switch to Shimmie (which sucks).