New home for animu server

No more this troubling but LOL casing ;_;

Thanks for holding the contents for good 2 years! (or 3? or 1? I forgot, lol) *salutes*

And welcome the new home…

Although it’s a little bit crampy inside, I can actually fit all 8 hard drives (and more) in it 😀

Now all that matter is whether it’ll be able to host the contents properly…

(About) 2 weeks left till its full reborn!

Vista SP1!

Windows Vista SP1 has just released!

Get em now for x86 or for x64

…if you’re using Windows Vista, that is.

or planning to install it.

and there’s no support for slipstreaming it on vista installer. 🙁

Update: apparently, Windows XP SP3 is around the corner, too.

Back to DVD

Thereby I announce my plan migrating my archiving storage to hard disk drive based has FAILED.

Here are the reasons:

  • My data increases at much higher rate than I can save money to buy another hdd
  • Less storage, less anime at home. Which means if one time hard disk(s) on the server I’m storing all my anime crashed, I’ll be have to download them all again (happened once 👿 )
  • Albeit fast, much harder to organize stuff (OVER 500 GB UNSORTED STUFF. LOL)

To worse things, I rewrite this post because my original post get eaten by WordPress