Randomness (again!)

  • RF-Online Indonesia’s new patch took ages and even then it’s still rather broken (notably chat being broken)
  • It uses another font! That is verdana which is basically tahoma with wider character space… And thanks to that it’s becoming TOTALLY annoying. Good that there’s a way to change the font used. (I changed to MS PGothic)
  • LULZ happens
  • Played PangYa all day


There’s nothing happens today. LOL

Except that I added some Japanese-based otaku-related RSS feed to my Google Reader.

…and I remembered why I haven’t subscribed to DannyChoo (that is, his post is image-heavy) … but well 😛

Yet another random post

  • Bought this month’s RF Online Update DVD. This time it’s painless as I’ve already know where to buy and luckily there’s still at least one disc left
  • The server I usually use still having problem with its network T_T – uploading files at only 80 KB/s (it’s usually at least four times than that)
  • Bought this week’s manga… Photo tomorrow (or one day if I feel like it :O )
  • Currently watching (marathon) Kamen Rider Den-O. The main reason is so I can move on to watch KR Kiva… o_O – 19 episodes left (plus one movie)
  • Slow VPN is slow 🙁
  • Need MOAR Tinkle
  • insani just released their latest visual novel translation project: True Remembrance. It’s freeware to begin with, so start reading now! [insani’s site for True Remembrance]


  • Finished Prism Ark, a little bit too open ended 🙁
  • Mnemosyne is… freaky o.o
  • Got something good today 🙂
  • Mnemosyne is… psycho o.o
  • Ef ~a tale of memories~ OST is good d(o_o)b
  • Mnemosyne is… LULZ
  • LMAO

5 Centimeters per Second in HD

(I actually planned to post random bits today but this news is much better)

As the title said, 5 Centimeters per Second will be released in HD-DVD and Blu-Ray. It is scheduled for release on April 18 and sites like CDJapan and Amazon are already accepting pre-order for it…

I’d like to buy it. The problem is, how can I play it? T_T

Someone buy me a Blu-Ray Drive, please?

Thanks to icie for informing.