So RFOid gives free premium service for today.

Then I went to hunt.

Then I bored and go hunting higher level mobs.

Then I got a ring.

Frigginly expensive ring.

If it’s got by a correct race, that is.


It’s not for the race I’m playing as 👿

👿 👿 👿


(read: Increase attack damage by 20%, Increase all skill level by 1, Resist All +4)

So it became useless.

I just pray there’ll be someone “smart” enough buying it. 🙁

Daily Junk

I seriously have to sort my files…

I have currently >500 GB of files that’ s pretty much unsorted – contents ranged from not important even a bit to SUPAH important and LULZ files and some more.

What worse is, I don’t know to sort them 🙁

*no, formatting isn’t a _viable_ solution 😮 *

on totally unrelated note, Koihime Musou TV anime series is announced… and apparently, School Rumble 3rd Season too.

(source on link)

AFM 3! Vote Now


The annual (is it?) AFM voting time is back!

MistaYoh is back, this time with Mistappon Pon (hint: Furefurepponpon, freak ver),  and Anyhow! Sailor Fuku (following step of JAM Project?). And then someone also sang Hare Hare Yukai (“not kyon but with kyon’s instrumental” ver) and some more.

Haven’t checked them all because of lack of bandwidth and the fact that my Firefox is barely responding and I can’t return to Safari as its problem is even worse (tried to load that on Safari first, and not responding, then use Firefox hoping it’ll be normal but it doesn’t seem to be the case – my Forefox’s barely responding 🙁 )

DISCLAIMER: I can’t sing. 😛

Random Photo #2


On the left, Single for Kara no Kyoukai movie 1-3 (and the cd case is only about 1/3 thick, the rest is empty, lol)
On the right, postcard that accompanied it (there are 3 more inside the “box” but this one has larger size so it can’t be put inside)

Random Photo


Kyou no 5 no 2, free poster from one of advertisement from street in Akihabara (and no, I’m not the one that’s gone there 🙁 )

Japanese are sure generous with their promotion (or desperate…?)