Da Capo II anime is not Da Capo II. 🙁

/r/ moar Da Capo II.

(In short, it was so short that almost makes no sense)

On another note, there’s rumor that its Second Season will run for one year (52 eps) – as absurd as it sounds, I hope it’s true -.-

New this week: Asagiri no Miko, Densha Otoko


I was surprised seeing Densha Otoko on new release this week o.o

And when I saw “Shrine of Morning Mist”, I don’t have any freakin idea what that is. It is just when I opened it and check the Japanese name I recognize it.

The rest are: Q.E.D. vol. 27 (yaaay finally MOAR QED), Yu Yu Hakuso vol. 11 (lol), Gakuen Alice vol. 7 (yaaay finally, part II), Meitantei Kiyoshiro Yumemizu vol. 2 (just read vol. 1 yesterday and it is quite funny and nice (?) 😀 ), and lastly, Monthly Shonen Magz.

CRAP site

CRAP as in CRAP.


My old website. The time when free hosting sites have unlimited space and bandwidth, and there’s free domain name (top level!) to boot.

It also reminds me how OFTEN websites’ contents changed nowadays…

And importance of storing old links…

And TRUSTING reliable hosting service (geocities, angelfire to name some. crosswinds, brinkster, topcities, etc are examples that aren’t)

Sites survived time challenge: (LWAL)

Bored, part II


I r bored again, orz

So I present this:

Kara no Kyoukai novel in txt format.

Language: Japanese, Text Encoding: UTF-8.

Now someone need to completely translate this…

Partial translation at Baka-Tsuki.

Link (broken)

(2011-02-07) Update: removed broken link.