So much to download, so little bandwidth



Somehow people from fansub scene really busy this holiday 🙁

My download list increased significantly and I can’t keep up with it… Add that to the fact that downloading files is getting more difficult lately 🙁

On another note, I still don’t know exactly what I’ll do today o_o

ef’s ending is _REALLY_ nice btw 😀

Meitantei Conan 2nd Live Action (old news)


Got this news from Shonen Star I bought yesterday. I really missed this one 🙁

D-Addicts Wiki has the information about this for a loooong time already… (or so I think)

And no one around me realized about it, apparently 🙁

The good news is, the video already distributed on internet so… yay 😀

From what I’ve seen from this, Conan looks freaky o_oa but Haibara looks good 😀 Have to watch the actual film before judging further though. LOL.


Nothing happens!


Aside from me (power) leveling my RF character (race: Bellato, class: Commando, server: Venus (id)) and then wasting money forging (which failed at most of the attemps) and playing some games of DotA…

Planned to go out buying some manga released yesterday and fetch downloaded files at uni… However since I’ll be going there tomorrow to do some other things, I guess I’ll do that tomorrow instead…

Some readings:

Buy PS3, get phone book instead!


End of season

So some series from Fall and Summer 2007 ended around this week (or next week or next month) ;_;

  • Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun:  Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun.
  • Sky Girls: (1 more) yay 😀 will go watch the OVA after finishing it.
  • Genshiken 2: (1 more) … will go read the manga, I guess. 😮
  • ef ~a tale of memories~: (1 more) ;_;
  • Myself; Yourself: (1 more) wow. Seeing scenery sure helps remembering past. o_O

Oh and there’s this new site called “Eroge Review” which gives review about eroge (obviously)…  So far there are two reviews…

Anime Sequels

This just got in my mind. Lately there have been many sequels to anime series like Haruhi (2nd season sometime late 2008), Zero no Tsukaima (3rd season announced but no date yet), Genshiken (2nd season Fall 2007), Shakugan no Shana (2nd season Fall 2007), Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (2nd season Winter 2007), Code Geass, Mushi-Uta etc etc…


Why is there no announcement for Full Metal Panic! 3rd season?! T_T

Currently looking forward to Code Geass and Mushi-Uta 2nd btw.

And Shana, ZnT, and Haruhi. LOL.

A Peaceful Day…

There’s nothing much happens today. I’m playing RF and DotA for a whole day (and still going) ~_~

And also currently adding files to chiisana public… Be sure to donate to the owner if you happen to love downloading from there and have extra money…