I forgot what I wanted to write D:

Oh well, let me write random craps instead.


  • Railgun is awesome. The manga is even better. It’s (the scanlation) currently at Accelerator arc – just like in Index anime but much more awesome. I doubt it’ll (the storyline) even remotely same though.
  • Asura Cryin also turned out to be pretty awesome, too. Lolplot and :psyduck:. Hur.
  • Kara no Kyoukai is o_o)b
  • Deredere Shiki is fine, too :>
  • Up next: UBW. Fate/Zero animu when :[
  • oblivious is still my favorite after all.
  • Sono hanabira series is still continuing. When will some group translate it?
  • Makoto Shinkai Image Album – Promise rip where :[
  • I also realized that there’s nothing more I’m really waiting for. Or maybe there’s one (UBW), idk.
  • ef soundtracks > *
  • Owait I just remembered something – Renai Circulation should be released soon. Yay. as soon as 27th January according to CDJapan. Nay.
  • Kara no Kyoukai is o_o)b
  • HAHAHA Kampfer ending.
  • I think I’ve been watching too much animu.c


  • I still hate FreeBSD’s ports system after all.
  • My coding style was crappy. And is still crappy.
  • tmux in tmux is the best thing ever.
  • FreeBSD’s latest root exploit was fun. Too easy.
  • This site has been stuck at 3.3b1 forever.
  • Windows > * for my personal desktop usage. 15+ years of using Windows is just too difficult to throw away.
  • moefetch has just updated, btw. For nth time I changed my coding style again.

I guess that’s it for tonight. And still can’t remember what I wanted to actually post. All I can remember is that it’s not really important.

2 thoughts on “Whut

  1. stuff:
    I’m waiting for UBW too, but without high hopes. Lossless compression of entire route into a movie is pretty much impossible.
    Fate/Zero VN when.
    KnK is win.

    other stuff:
    I still hate FreeBSD’s ports system after all. < why?
    SOMEONE FIX QT4 + TIGHTVNC ALREADY PLZTHX. < what's broken exactly?

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