moefetch 0.2.1!

After few hours messing with Notepad++, Solaris’ Bash and tools, FreeBSD’ sh and tools and of course with help from folks at #bash, moefetch 0.2.1 is released.

Since this is the first (second) release, there’s no changelog.

…I think I forgot updating the help. Whatever. Tell me if you need documentation – usage should be straightforward.

[0:40] ~/moe> fetch -s hatsune_miku
moefetch 0.2.1
Copyright (c) 2009 edogawaconan

Tags: hatsune_miku

Fetching xml file
           => `/export/home/edho/moe/temp/'
Connecting to connected.
Proxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 635,696 (621K) [application/xml]

    0K ........ .                                           100%  117.50 KB/s

00:40:44 (117.50 KB/s) - `/export/home/edho/moe/temp/' saved [635696/635696]

Processing XML file... 736 file(s) available on server
Cleaning up repository folder... Moved 1d847e88e5d854746c5d358eb986bd44.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 469d46eceef89bf6efba9638377b400f.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 64ecb121226b0fd275d608efa90905a3.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Moved 704ee8ab1d434e669b7743d7fbebae98.jpg to /export/home/edho/moe/trash/
Checking for errors... done
All files OK
731 file(s) available locally
Generating list of new files... done
5 file(s) to be downloaded
Starting wget... Continuing in background, pid 21649.
[0:42] ~/moe>

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