I suck at mahjong

I was like, 90% of time at last position. With 1% at first position. Or maybe less.

Numbers pulled straight out of thin air.

It’s true that I’ve been losing too much though. Also it looks like I’m going down from 1-dan again soon.

Remember guys, when someone declared riichi, play defensively. It doesn’t matter how good your hand is – you can always rebuild your hand at later games as long you’re still alive. Pure guts doesn’t work.

Dear WordPress

Please stop breaking my posts. And please remove this crappy “editor”.

Update: turns out one of the plugin (check broken links) caused this whole mess. Doesn’t change the fact that WP’s editor is shit though.


Nothing much happens today, aside from me somehow finished all assignment I have for today.

Whoops, forgot. I failed to get a copy of RF Online Red Army patch. It’s sold out. Freak.