I’ll be missing from intertubes for a week starting tomorrow afternoon (or later). Will return at July 5 😮


This one is damn fail.

I don’t know, there’re only TWO ‘widescreen’ version of this in Tokyo Toshokan (using keyword ‘ikkitousen’). And I suspect the other one’s uploader is the same as this one. The rest are 4:3 (at least the ones that have resolution information in the filename).

and this one’s correct resolution should be 4:3 or 960×720 or sth like that

what’s more, it’s 30fps (PAL?)


Daily craps

  • LOL U-U-Uma Uma. Not good for health.
  • Noizi Itou drew the cover.
  • LAWL 22MB PNG. Perhaps I should mirror moe.imouto/noizi_ito…
  • a manga with nijikon main character. Recommended. LOL.
  • wat.
  • Danbooru 1.14.0 has released. I still wonder what “Final tagged version” means. And I think I’ll use tagged ones instead of trunk from now on. Why? Just because. 😛
  • ^– actually, it means less maintenance.
  • With that, I’ll also stop using -current for animu server o.o
  • Not before 4.4 released though – which means I’ll have to struggle with -current until November – or until I switch to NetBSD. The reason is simple: Danbooru requires PostgreSQL 8.3 which only available as package on -current (I forced to manually compile before using -current). – Or maybe until I switch to Shimmie (which sucks).

FreeBSD: 0, NetBSD: 1, OpenBSD: 1

Sil3112 (SiliconImage SATALink RAID PCI Card) is not properly supported by FreeBSD. The installer halted successfully on all my three attempt at installing it. (First one even stopped when formatting – said that it can’t find the hard disk drive LOL).

OTOH, NetBSD and OpenBSD can use that piece of hardware just fine albeit the claim of the card as “crappy” on certain mailing lists.


WTF. Pure-FTPd uses WAY TOO HIGH processor cycles. <_<

The server’s CPU usage gone like 90% just for pure-ftpd processes. So I decided to uninstall it and replace with vsftpd… and the CPU usage is now topped at 20% on vsftpd.

Conclusion: Pure-FTPd sucks (or perhaps it’s my system’s configuration. Whatever, lol).

PS: <3 Chihiro.