An Attempt to Update moebooru Engine

If you didn’t know, the current moebooru running on oreno.imouto is using ancient version of many things. It also uses a custom lighty module (mod_zipfile) which doesn’t seem to be available anywhere.

I’ve updated it with latest Rails 2.x and made it compatible with nginx. Mostly. You can see it running here.

The plans:

  • Upgrade to Ruby 1.9.
  • Update all plugins.
  • Update anything deprecated.
  • Migrate to Bundler.
  • Use RMagick instead of custom ruby-gd plugin.
  • Use RMagick instead of calling jhead binary.
  • And more!

We’ll see if I can actually finish this one. Grab the source here. Yeah, I’m using Mercurial for a Rails project.

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru chapter 8

Hello there. This manga has fucking long title. And the scanlator decided to skip on giving DDL after their previous attempts in using watermark. Inb4 they reinvent SecuROM.

Ripped from batoto with following command:

for i in {1..37}; do
 curl -O "$(curl$i 
 | grep 'img src="' 
 | sed -E 's/.*src="([^"]+)".*/1/')"

Whoopsie, as it turns out, the files are actually gif. Brb fixing them.

Here be fix:

for i in *.png; do mv $i ${i%%.*}.gif; done
for i in *.gif; do convert $i -flatten ${i%%.*}.png; rm $i; done

Links updated to fixed pack.

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How to release animu in HD

Why HD?

  • More guaranteed downloads
  • Better than anyone else


In your AviSynth script (hey, I can safely assume that you use AviSynth, right?), just add this ULTIMATE HD MAGIC at the last line:


To increase the quality even more, don’t forget to add this:

etc etc

After the ULTIMATE HD MAGIC. It increases overall video quality by OVER9000 percent and adds MORE DETAILS the the video.

And after muxing, don’t forget to include resolution information in the filename. Either:

[Your-Group] Sum Popular Oversubbed Animu With Subtitle From Sum Other Group - 9999 (1920x1080) [CRC].ext


[Your-Group] Sum Popular Oversubbed Animu With Subtitle From Sum Other Group - 9999 [FHD][CRC].ext

It’ll give you GUARANTEED downloads.

Add the translation source’s group name after your group name (ex: [YourGroup-SauceGroup]) to increase the download count even more.