Daily craps

  • LOL U-U-Uma Uma. Not good for health.
  • Noizi Itou drew the cover.
  • LAWL 22MB PNG. Perhaps I should mirror moe.imouto/noizi_ito…
  • a manga with nijikon main character. Recommended. LOL.
  • wat.
  • Danbooru 1.14.0 has released. I still wonder what “Final tagged version” means. And I think I’ll use tagged ones instead of trunk from now on. Why? Just because. πŸ˜›
  • ^– actually, it means less maintenance.
  • With that, I’ll also stop using -current for animu server o.o
  • Not before 4.4 released though – which means I’ll have to struggle with -current until November – or until I switch to NetBSD. The reason is simple: Danbooru requires PostgreSQL 8.3 which only available as package on -current (I forced to manually compile before using -current). – Or maybe until I switch to Shimmie (which sucks).

wait wat

$199 for an iPhone?!

3G, 8 GB of storage, multi-touch screen, Apple, thin, Safari, Wi-Fi, 3.5mm audio jack.


with about same price I got 1 GB of storage and keypad. Thank god it’s thin too (and perhaps still thinner than iPhone).


LOL Mission-E

I just realized that there’s this animu titled “Mission-E” that’s going to be broadcasted this summer.

Sounds familiar, I checked on wikipedia and found that it really is what I thought o_O

Yea, it’s a sequel to Code-E (lol obvious).

I think I need to finish watching the first season after all…


Chinami Ebihara is a highschool student who emits electromagnetic waves when her emotions run wild. The waves affects electronics such as cell phones, televisions, and computers. Her ability forces her family to move from one location to another. In the year 2017, the Ebihara family moves yet again. At school, a boy named Kotaro Kannagi notices her ability and asks if he can study her. Sonomi Kujo, the daughter of a wealthy family who has loved Kotaro since they were very young reacts with jealousy to his interest, while Yuma Saihashi, a miko with powers of her own tries to guide and warn her. Soon, two foreigners arrive to spy on her.

Source: Wikipedia

I did it!

Tonight, system.genshiken-itb.org got a system upgrade!

[10:42] ~# dmesg | head
OpenBSD 4.3-current (GENERIC) #878: Tue May 27 09:18:05 MDT 2008

I upgraded it. Remotely.

Nothing is more thrilling than reboot with new kernel while praying nothing bad happens O_O (which means, if IT happens, the server won’t be accessible until I got time to go to the location of the server…)

Now I can finally install PostgreSQL from packages – not compiling from source anymore πŸ˜€

Too bad there’s still no cksfv πŸ™