Music CD – Weathering with You complete version

And lastly WWY complete version songs. Five tracks are included and they each extend the version used in the movie and included in the soundtracks.

My main interest, Grand Escape, sure felt a bit different with the extended version. It’s no longer slow buildup and end in high note in single run but instead with ups and downs and finally peaked at nearby the end with a bit more cooldown afterwards. The impact is reduced but still good regardless.

The rest are simple improvement over the soundtracks version.

Karaoke/instrumental version isn’t included though 😔

Music CD – Hello World OST

It’s a thing. Except full version of the one song I liked most is not included in here: Yesterday (by Official Hige Dandism) is only in movie version. Whoops.

Oh well that means another 3k expenditure because the song is only available in their latest album.

I didn’t use to buy soundtrack CDs (except Tenmon and Shinkai-related) but the last few movies I just felt like I need to buy them as well.

That reminded me I should check when the blu-ray of this (and the following two CDs) will be released.

Amaburi OP Single

Not doing a release because it’s already released by many other groups.

2014-10-26 22.24.52

On related news, there isn’t any other outstanding opening/ending themes this season so far.

Here my current “considering” list:

  • F/sn UBW ED
  • OreTwi OP
  • OreTwi ED
  • Tsukame Pride
  • Wixoss 2 OP
  • Cross Ange OP

[Lyrics] Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori Theme Song – I will (short ver.)

Here be the lyrics for Parasol’s latest game to be released this month – Hare Nochi Kitto Nanohana Biyori (NSFW, also the link below). Full version here.

I will (by solfa feat. Chata)

あぁ 透明な一秒が 流れてゆく
aa toumei na ichibyou ga nagarete yuku

たゆたう 思い出と 少しだけまどろむ日々
tayutau omoide to sukoshi dake madoromu hibi

紡いだ 言の葉 風に舞い上がれ
tsumuida kotonoha kaze ni maiagare

天まで届けと 呟き祈る
ten made todoke to tsubuyaki inoru

咲き誇る 綺麗な花 色とりどり 鮮やかな光景
sakihokoru kirei na hana irotoridori azayaka na koukei

いつも 気がつけば 聴こえてくる 懐かしいメロディ
itsumo ki ga tsukeba kikoetekuru natsukashii merodi

繋いだ手 交わす誓い その想いは 繰り返すメモリー
tsunaida te kawasu chikai sono omoi wa kurikaesu memorii

いつか また出会う 運命の輪 途切れることなく 回る
itsuka mata deau unmei no wa togirerukotonaku mawaru